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  1. Rivka, I realize there is a search feature Unilogic but what I am referring to is a way to scan down through a ladder and get a better visual on what each item is doing without having to do a search for each instance. Attached is an example of what I am referring to. I used a Visilogic screen in the attachment simply because Visilogic prints a bit better and the memory tags are easier to see but I am suggesting that this feature be added to Unilogic. Basically, if the user were to assign a (temporary) color, each instance where it appears would be colored; similar to teh purpose of a "Watch" folder
  2. I should add that once colors are assigned, there could also be an option to right-click on the assigned color and have options to "clear color" or "clear all colors". These options could also be added to the toolbar as well instead of or in addition to the right-click menu options.
  3. When troubleshooting a subroutine or a region in Unilogic which has an MB or other register appearing several times in a ladder, I find myself scanning around a trying to recall everywhere that each tag is used and how it is used. To help make this process easier, I would like to suggest that there be an option where a temporary color can be applied to a tag so that everywhere it appears in the program, it has that color assigned to it. Perhaps if a user were to right click on a register in the ladder and then assign a color, it would color all instances. This way a user could scan down through a subroutine and see their MB's or registers highlighted the designated color and easily identify their tags without needing to read the tag or notes. When I think of it, we have region colors that we can assign, why not add teh ability to color tags as well?
  4. Has Unitronics given any more thought to this request or has there been any updates? Since an SD card can be loaded with a program and the Tags can be Retained to the SD card through UniApps, a Unit can be restored with minimal downtime when a PLC or battery were to dies. Unless I am misunderstanding something, the downside is that the backed up tags have to be backed up manually through UniApps so the tags are not necessarily current to the point when the battery or unit died. As an extra benefit, it would be very helpful to be able to automatically backup tags from the ladder (trigger maybe every hour) so that the tags could be up to date at all times.
  5. It would be great to have a filtering Algorithm such as the Stavitzsky-Golay Smoothing method shown here. https://www.mathworks.com/help/curvefit/smoothing-data.html I have struggled with a product of ours to find a good way to smooth data before charting it to a Trend. My issue looks the same as this example but I cannot seem to get my math right in Unilogic to get this to work in a UDFB. I think that even if I could get it into a UDFB, I find that sometimes a UDFB of this level of complexity would be better off as a Fixed Function Block rather than a User Defined Function Block simply because it would be cleaner and less likely to muddy up an already complicated program. I think that many other users could benefit from this as well. Thanks, Joe
  6. Thanks Joe T. We would just like our Company Logo in place in the Unitronics Logo and possibly a name of the controller series listed in our sales literature.
  7. I have seen Unitronics HMI Screens out there with a custom bezel made with OEM Markinsg on them. Can anyone tell me where to buy these at? If you could add the approximate price each and minimum quantity, that would be helpful as well. For reference, I am looking for one to fit a 10" Unistream HMI
  8. Has anyone mounted a 2HP Unitronics VFD in a NEMA 4 Enclosure? Most of our applications require a VFD with a NEMA 4 rating. In the past, we have used a VFD that was rated for a NEMA 4 environment and so we had no need to have an enclosure. With the new Unitronics VFD, we would like to use it instead but to meet the area classification, we would need to mount it in a NEMA 4 enclosure and we would like to keep the enclosure size to a minimum. Can anyone tell me what the smallest enclosure size can be if the ambient temperature is about 105 deg. max and there is no cooling fan? The only think inside the enclosure will be the VFD. The VFD I am looking at is UMI-0015BU-B1 with a 2HP Rating
  9. I did ask Stealth about the diver required and he had said " There are no special drivers required for the StealthMOUSE and it just needs 5 volts at 50ma from the mouse port. That being said the StealthMOUSE is only validated for PC use so it could be a compatibility issue with the Unistream controller" I suppose the question now is what the Unistream controller needs to see in a compatible mouse and whether there are additional mouse drivers available for the Unistream Panel. I should mention that as shown in the attached picture, I am running the latest version of Unilogic and my firmware is up to date.
  10. I need to find an intrinsically safe rated mouse with a USB connection for an Explosion Proof Environment. Does anyone have any experience finding one that works? I have used a standard USB Mouse without issue but I have found that when I purchased the mouse fund at the link below, it works on a PC but not with the Unistream Panel, instead, the HMI would not detect it. I am thinking that it has something to do with either the driver or that it is intrinsically safe and perhaps the signal is a bit too weak. Rather than buying multiple mice until I find one that works, I was hoping that someone can point me in the right direction. https://www.spartonre.com/ruggedkeyboards/rugged-pointingdevices/ftm-pm-fsr-panelmount-industrial-pointing-device/ If it is a driver issue, does anyone know if there is a definition of the driver in the Unistream panel that the mouse needs to have that I can then ask the mouse manufacturer if it has? Any feedback would be appreciated.
  11. Sorry DerekGodown, I was unable to get theComm Link to work so I gave up on it. It was an experimental task for me and I did not have a real application so not getting it to work was not a huge problem. I can say that I was trying to use an example program so the example program I was using may have had issues as DanT had mentioned
  12. s.pratt Thank you for your reply. That certainly answers my question and gives me a good path forward.
  13. I just tried forcing the EX-Rc1 into stop mode and the IO COMM light started flashing so I think I misread the spec sheet for the EX-RC1. The blinking Bus COMM light seems to be telling me that the communication to the OPLC is not established. Does this mean that only the wiring could be the problem or is there some other possibility that could be causing the fault? I should mention that I am using only (1) EX-RC1 and according to the wiring diagram for the a CANBus network, there are (2) resistors at each end of the network. At the moment, I am not using any resistors in my network because I could not figure out where to put them and I was not sure if they are needed when only (1) module is used. Is it possible that the lack of resistors could be causing the problem? For reference, I am getting a solid green light for IO Comm on the EX-RC1 and a the RUN light on the AI4AO2.
  14. Thanks Flex727, I found the example file. I had to modify it to only have the AI4AO2 and then I downloaded it to my EX-RC1. I also did the export to Unilogic and then imported back into visilogic like the tutorial and the help files show and it still doesn't seem to be working for me. I do have a flashing green "Bus COMM" light on the front of the EX-RC1. According to the EX-RC1 Spec sheet, this means that it is in STOP Mode. I connected to the EX-RC1 and tried forcing it to the Run mode using Visilogic (Reset options in the "Communication - PC settings"). and I cannot seem to get the light to stop flashing. How do I fix this?
  15. I have an application where the PV moves very fast. When a known disturbance or an anticipated disturbance occurs, I would like to pause the PID loop calculation and lock by CV where it is. I see that Unilogic has a Pause I&D calculation that seems to be the feature to use in this sort of situation but what I am wondering is whether or not I would have better results if I simply de-energized the PID Run Block and then re-energized it when the process is expected to be stable again. In other words, what is the difference in the calculation between simply removing the PID Run command and Pausing the I&D calculation?
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