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    WEBINAR - Ethernet

    This session was a big help for me. I had run into dumb problems (on my part) connecting a V230 to a network. It turned out to be as simple as setting it to Slave instead of Master so that it would listen for an incoming connection. I'd really like a session on vectors and indirects. Looking forward to reviewing more webinars as well as to future ones. Thanks!
  2. It's 0F in the office in Massachusetts. Ouch!
  3. Dumb question- don't you need to initialize the Ethernet port and socket via the ladder? In other words, if you don't have it set up in the ladder, I didn't think it would connect (though it might still ping based on changes made via the info screen at the PLC). I'd use the serial cable to download your app to the V570.
  4. Me too. Thought I was just late to the party.
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