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  1. Hello Eyal, Thank you for your response. I'm using and enhanced controller V350. The slave addressing table for enhanced controllers shows the following: Coils (Read Coils Modbus Command) 0000h -> MB0 3000h-> XB 4000h-> O 5000h-> SB 6000h-> I 7000h-> T 8000h-> C However, like i mentioned, the V350 only responds to the Modbus Read Coil command for MBs and the highest address the controller responds is 4095 (decimal) without returning an error. So, like I said, it is not possible to read via Modbus any discrete address besides MBs. Could you please check with your teammates if anyone has tried this before? Again, We are talking about reading V350 operand values (other than MBs and MIs) from any Modbus Master Software (Scada, OPC, etc.) Thank You! Joe
  2. Hi Everyone, I've implemented Modbus communications with Unitronics Vision series, both serial and Ethernet. I've been able to read and write MIs and MB successfully. But I'm not able to access any other type of addresses. Visilogic help shows a "slave adressing" table. This table apparently indicates for example that in order to read SBs you should read coils starting at 3000 address or in order to read OPLC discrete inputs you should read coils starting at 4000 Outputs->5000 Timer coils->6000 Counters->7000 MBs 3000-4095->8000 (similar story for registers different from MIs) well, this simply doesn't work, reading addresses 3000 or 4000 does not return SBs or Inputs, also any attemp to read a coil address above 4095 will return an error. Modbus offcourse supports 1xxxx addresses for inputs, but Unitronics OPLCS seem to support only 0xxxx (coils) and 4xxxx (registers). There is offcourse the chance to "map" SBs or Inputs to MBs and then read them as MBs, but is not a clean way to do it, and you need to consume MBs just for mapping purposes. I guess there should be a way to read inputs, since there is a "Read Input" function block in Visilogic Modbus Master. So, please tell me I'm wrong and tell how can SBs and Inputs via Modbus from a Unitronics OPlc. Thank You! Joe
  3. What addresses will they be reading from your V1040? MIs and MBs only? Regards!
  4. Hi everyone, I'm having problems communicating with Jazz units via USB. I've installed the STMicroelectronics driver, the virtual COM port is shown in the device drivers. And I can actually communicate with the unit initially, but at some point the software can not detect the Jazz anymore. I've rebooted the Jazz, rebooted my PC, re-installed the driver, and just can't link to the Jazz via USB anymore. I actually tried with a different Jazz unit with the same results. The serial communication via the JZ-PRG works fine (not at the same time I use the USB off course). The versions I have are: U90 6.6.0 (DB 109) JZ20-R16 (latest firmware) Windows 7, 64 I'll appreciate your suggestions. Thank You!
  5. V350 Graphic Demo.

    The V350 Graphic demo which comes with the new units can not be uploaded.

    Where can I find this demo program file?



  6. Thank you all. The problem was the physical connection of MJ20-PRG. The plastic cover does not allow the MJ20-PRG to plug in fully into the unit. I had to remove the plastic cover and plug very carefully into the Jazz. Feedback for Unitronics, some MJ20s does fit correctly into the Jazz. Thanks! Joe
  7. Hi Everyone, I have a Jazz JZ10-11-R16 / MJ20-PRG which doesn't communicate Error Message: "Communications could not be established..." I've tried U90 ladder and also Unidownloader with the same results I've put it into BootStrap mode, with the same results I've used another MJ20-PRG and cable I've tested the same PC/USB adapter/Port with Visilogic and a V130, working fine. Version Used: JZ10-11-R16 V1.10 (B03) HW: A Bin Lib: FE BootStrap V1.10 (B00) U90 Ladder V6.1.7 (DB 109) Unidownloader V 4.1.01 I'll appreciate your suggestions. Thanks! Joe
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