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  1. Hi, Unfortunately, the Alarms can only be displayed according to the ID. I will transfer your request to our R&D.
  2. 319 downloads

    This is how you use the largest font possible in Vision controllers.
  3. 737 downloads

    PTO Example, demonstrates most of the PTO functions
  4. 688 downloads

    This Application demonstrates how to implement a drop down list
  5. HI, SB 24 perfors Reset and Initialize. SB 300 performs Reset. You can also Reset and/initialize from VisiLogic under Connection > Communication & OS, in the Functions tab. Reset - like power up. Reinstalls any values preset in the program, such as Timers. Initialize - reinstall any preset values, and initialize all memory operands.
  6. Hi, You do not need to enter the X range yourself. The X range value comes from the LC. In order to calibrate the LC please do the following: Prepare an object whose weight you know for sure. Store that weight in an ML, put that object on the LC and activate the Calibrate Point function with that ML. Do the same with no weight and another ML which holds 0.
  7. Hi, You can imitate pressing on Enter from the ladder. When entring the HMI, set off a timer for 0.1-0.15 sec and then activate SB 53 for 1 scan:
  8. Hi, There is no way to create animation in M91 and Jazz. See my post in the Vision forum.
  9. Hi, Creating animation is done with the HMI varaible List of Images. Use an increasing counter to change the images.
  10. Try installing OS v3.4 (01). Upgrade to VisiLogic 9.3.0. Let me know the results.
  11. Hi, You're right. There is a mistake in the description. The range of SI 58 is 1-1024 where each unit equals 10k. Therefore, the actual size range is 10k - 10M. We are changing the description. Thank you for pointing it out.
  12. I agree that the solution you are offering is more elegant. However, transferring CSV or Excel files to the PLC, is impossible. For this need I recommend using a Visual Basic program. Please find an example of this attached. Note that the VB code is implemented in the Excel macro. Another option is to import a CSV file to a Data Table in VisiLogic and then write it to a Data Table in the PLC:
  13. What version of Windows you are using? If you are using Windows Vista or 7, disable the UAC. See instructions here: http://www.unitronics.com/data/uploads/VisiLogic_Software_New/Disable%20UAC%20Vista%20+%20WIN7.pdf In U90 Ladder, go to Contoller > M90 OPLC Settings, click on Advanced, set the Parity to Even, the Stop Bits to 1, and the Data Bits to 7. check the box of Force PLC settings to
  14. Hi, First of all, let's check the basics. Make sure no other software is using the port, e.g. VisiLogic. Make sure the communication settings in U90 Ladder are the same as in VisiLogic exept the buad rate which should be 9600.
  15. Hi, Try to use OS 3.4 (03). What happens when you create a button, and press it? do you see the difference between "Pressed" and "Unpressed"? Can you attach a picture of the phenomenon?
  16. Hi, I tried to do what you're describing and it work OK for me. What versions of OS and VisiLogic are you using? Can you send me the application you're using?
  17. Hi, It's important to understand that the Remote Operator does not have access to the actual HMI. It builds it own HMI. that's why it needs the file of images and fonts. The Draw functions manipulate the HMI indirectly, without HMI varaibles but it only affects the controller's HMI.
  18. Hi, I can't recreate the phenomenon you're describing. Please send the application to support@unitronics.com. I suspect it is has something to do with the logic of the application.
  19. It seems that there is a conflict in the variable settings. Since the limits of the input are -8 – 90, you do not need a format of xxx.x. if you are using this format you are required to enter zeros first.
  20. Hi, In order for me to investigate this problem please send the application to Support@unitronics.com. Add detailed instrucitons how to recreate the problem. Also, what exactly do you mean by "stick"?
  21. Hi, I am not sure I understand your problem. When displaying a Trend from an SD card you are required to specify the name of the file. You can choose any Trend you want. Also, you can use the Link operand to choose which Curve to display: If you need any further help please send your application to Support@unitronics.com and describe in detail how to simulate the problem.
  22. It is not clear to me what the difference between the two counters is, and what exactly the problem is. Please explain it in detail. Describe what you are doing step by step.
  23. Hi, Unfortunately, there is no workaround this limitation. You need to add another adapter. Note that there is an indication of the IO Capacity at the bottom of the Hardware Configuration window.
  24. Hi, Attached is an example of Alarm for V130. V130 Alarms Example.vlp
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