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  1. Hi, I am using a current simulator to input a 4-20mA signal to AI0 of a IO-A14-AO2. The raw data is doing the opposite of what I am expecting. As I increase the current, the raw data decreases, and visa-versa: the value of MI 0 goes down as mA input signal goes up. I tried reersing the signals but it does not work either - do you have any idea what may be happening here? I tried it with both current and voltage signals.
  2. Hi Mb2658, Did you have to connect a 0v of the drive to 0v reference of the rj11? Gerard
  3. Hi, I have to install my program every time I turn on my v570. I don't have a SD card installed - would it solve the problem if I installed a SD card? Gerard
  4. Thanks for clearing that up. We'll know for next time...
  5. Hi, I got this problem sorted thanks. I downloaded new updates on Visilogic and it all communicates fine now. I am using an ordinary patch cable as the exl-cab295 doesn't work. Thanks for all your replies. Gerard
  6. Hi, I have successfully connected to expansion modules through the ex-a1. I checked for updates in Visilogix and downloaded my program - it now works fine. Thanks to all for your help. FYI... I am using an ordinary patch cable to connect v570 to ex-a1 - It will not work with the exl-cab295 cable Thanks again Gerard.
  7. Ausman, Thanks for your reply. In the video I sent they went from a rj45 to rj11. Rj45 has 8 pins and rj11 has 6 pins. I need to find out how these are configured and how many wires are actually used? Regards, Gerard
  8. Hi, Thanks for you quick reply. Yes, cable is correct and plugged in the correct way. Yes, the modules are in same order in HW configuration as they are DIN rail. I can download program to PLC but it's like the plc is not communicating with ex-a1. I have branches off 0v supply to the ex-a1 and v570 - sounds like a longshot but could this be a cause? I originally connected v570 to ex-a1 with a regular cat5 patch cable. Could this have damaged the ex-a1? Thanks, Gerard
  9. Hi, I'm using a V570 connected to an EX-A1 and have the same problem with flashing green lights. Did you manage to find a solution to the problem?
  10. Hi, Did you have any success getting your EX-A1 to communicate with the I/O modules? I'm still getting green lights as seen in video - any ideas what it might be? I'm using a EXL-CAB295 cable to connect from OPLC to Adapter. blinking green.xspf
  11. Hi All, I want to control an Invertek VSD using Modbus communication similar to link below. I need a cable connect the drive to the V570 which needs a RJ45 on drive end and RJ11 on V570 end. Does anybody know the pinout of the RJ45 - RJ11 cable please? Thanks in advance... Gerard
  12. All, Is a standard patch cable sufficient to connect a V570 to a EX-A1? I have a standard CAT5 patch cable connecting them but it doesn't seem to be communicating.
  13. I'm only getting started so I don't have any wiring done yet. I do plan to use these modules in future but if one becomes available I'll gladly send it to you.
  14. Thanks for your help on this. I'll give it a go later and see if it works.
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