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  1. Yeah, I have thought about that Windows 10 thing also. Unfortunately, I updated all of my computers from 7 & 8.1 to 10, leaving just a couple of old XP machines. While I am not a lover of Microsoft, I must admit that Windows 10 overall has been pretty solid with regards to running all of my controls-related programs (PLC's, HMI's, etc.). And I have had no problems with Visilogic up until now. But fighting to uninstall that Beta made me think that maybe the installation was corrupt. I am just gun shy about reinstalling it on my main computer. Joe, thanks for anticipating my question to them about rolling back the database. Now I will just send the files and ask them to do it. Ben
  2. I hadn't thought to check that at the time. I don't think the serial port was connected to anything, although it goes through a switch box to one of several PLC's (Allen-Bradley & Unitronics). It appears it was in a dead position, but I can't be sure it was always that way. I reverted back to Visilogic 9.8.65 so I can work on some other projects without messing around. Even the BETA uninstall was not easy. I had to use a third party cleaner but it got the job done. That leaves me with two projects that are the newer database that I can not open at the moment. I am going to install the Beta on another computer and play with it some more. I am also going to ask the help desk if they can modify those project files back to the previous database. I would rather wait with ".79" until it is stable. I have already alerted the affected clients. While I enjoy challenges, none of this pays the bills! Thanks to the group for the help.
  3. Good thought. Search did not find the missing file. I just ran another test. Saved my file as "Junk test.vlp". Made a revision. Pressed the save button, and got the error message "Save Project has Failed. Try to save the project under another name. Error number (508)." Saved it as "Junk2 test.vlp". When I looked in the directory, "Junk test.vlp" was gone. The new file was there. Saved it again as "Junk3 test.vlp". No error, and both files then existed. Closed and reopened the Junk3 file and got several error windows in sequence... "Connection is aborted due to timeout or other failure". "The connection is reset by remote side". 1Invalid operation at current state9". But it then opened. When I tried to save it, I got the same warning as previously, saved it as "Junk4 test.vlp", and the Junk3 file disappeared. So the old file disappears. And previously when I saved it as the same file name, that one disappeared. This could be a corrupt file. But it all started when I installed the Beta version. And I did that because of a different file that was sent to me that was database 135, and the previous Visilogic release version was database 134 (working from memory on those numbers) so the file would not open. I have also been working on that file and it has not had any problems. But both of these files are now the newer database so I don't believe I can go back to the previous release version of Visilogic, without reverting to an older file revision and recreating the changes I have made. When I do save the file successfully it appears to run just fine in the panel (V1210), but this disappearing act is not good. I may need to contact Unitronics help desk and see what they can do.
  4. Thanks Joe I agree 100% with you. Beta download should be our option, not the one that looks like the next release version. Strange that I worked on another file that seems fine.
  5. I did not intend to install the Beta version yet, but I was forced into it by a client who sent me a file that the production version would not open. I have experienced a problem when saving another file as I edit it, and I am not sure where to post this. It usually works fine, but every so often, I get an error message saying it can't save it and suggesting I save it as a different name (at the moment I can't create the problem to get the exact wording). When I do that, it appears to work, but when I look in the directory there is no file. What is worse, if I point to an existing file, I get the expected warning that it exists, I say ok, and it apparently deletes it because it is gone when I look for it. I was wondering if anyone else has experienced this. I am running Windows 10 64-bit. The file is one that I created a a few versions back, and have modified along the way with no issues until now. Thanks.
  6. Update: I repeated this using a second computer running Windows 10. The download was created on that computer, from the same Visilogic project file. The results were the same. I also tried a creating and downloading a file from a V570 project, and it worked perfectly. So my conclusions so far are that the download creator and UniDownloader seem to be working fine. The problem is not related to the computer or operating system. The only difference between success and failure appears to be the PLC. The V1210 does not work, the V570 does. While the two applications were obviously also different, the problem occurs during V1210 system file downloads, and in fact the V1210 application download works fine. I also observed that when it fails, the PLC is locked up. You can't even go into boot mode. holding the screen press does nothing. After cycling the power, then it can be restored by reloading the operating system from the SD card.
  7. Not a dumb question at all. I needed to double check, but yes, Visilogic.exe is set to run as administrator (as I recall I had some problems running it until I did that). I routinely update the firmware in my various lab vision units (V350, 430, 570 and 1210) from this computer. I also routinely use SD cards both here and in the field, with files created on this computer. I have not used the UniDownloader very frequently. This PC runs Windows 8.1. I did not try any of this from my laptop with Windows 10, so I think I may do that. Take this computer out of the equation completely.
  8. I have been unable to do a full system and application update on a V1210. I have created several different .UDC files for testing, and regardless of whether it tries to update the binary, the boot, or the O/S, it fails with an error message during the first step of erasing the flash memory. On the HMI, the "status" shows "erasing" with no percent completion. The application file alone updates fine, but not with any one or more of the others. I have run the downloader as administrator. Everything updates properly from the SD card or from Visilogic. Versions are as follows... Visilogic 9.8.31 (build 0); O/S 4.3(05); Boot 2.2(29); Bin Lib 0-3.10(03); Unidownloader 5.0.25 Does anyone have any thoughts on what might be happening? And in a related question, do I need to do this or will the application file update the O/S? My concern is if they update the application onto an older operating system in the panel which is incompatible. The job is in Korea and I am in Chicago, so obviously I need to get this right so the customer can do it without problems. Thanks in advance
  9. I just tried this but I get an error message "Application Error-if this problem continues, contact your distributor". The original works, the one in the copy folder does not. This is Visilogic version 9.8.2 build 0, on Windows 8.1. Any thoughts?
  10. I need to log to SD as many as 256 values (96 will be more common) to each csv record, fairly infrequently. Each value could be 6 or 7 characters, plus date and time. In earlier versions of this application we only had 20-30 values and I used the create CSV and write CSV function blocks which worked well. However, with the larger amount of data now, defining the create CSV function block for that many MI's is a lot of work (which I might need to do), and it seems like a data table doesn't allow enough columns for that big a record. Does anyone have any other suggestions?
  11. If you still have not solved this, disconnect all wiring from the analog output and check the output from the PLC. If you are getting the expected voltage, then you have a wiring problem externally, possibly a short to ground. If you do not get voltage out then the problem is something internal, such as wrong configuration, or you have a bad analog output. I would second the earlier suggestion to move to a different output address and see what happens.
  12. There appears to be a potentially serious bug in Visilogic 9.7 that we encountered this week. Graphics are being corrupted in the clone files that we created and loaded from SD cards. We found various strange things such as objects that were not displaying, and in one case an analog gauge with no background but a pointer that sort of worked but left trails. We have seen this on a V1040 and a V350 so it is not hardware dependent. We verified this on several different computers, etc.The same programs work perfectly with a direct transfer from the PC. However, if you are creating clone files, either with or without the operating system, you better check them. Version 9.5 works fine for us and is our interim solution. Version 9.7 has problems. We did not test version 9.6. We have contacted Unitronics about this and are awaiting their response.
  13. Here are some further test results of multiple coil requests: Simulator (master) to V130, 350 and 570. Limited to 7 coils. TImeouts occur if higher. Simulator (master) to HMI panel brand X. No problems requesting up to the simulator limit of 100 coils. Simulator (master) to PLC brand Y. No problems requesting up to the simulator limit of 100 coils. V570 (master) to V350. No problems (R.C #1, vector length 1900) HMI panel brand X (master) to V570. No problems with 20 tags. However, I have no control over how it acquires them. I believe that because they are sequential it would request multiple coils, but I have not confirmed that. So the only issue appears to be the simulator (ModbusView TCP from Ocean Controls) combined with the Unitronics Vxxx devices. I have no idea why. This is more of a curiosity exercise since I typically pack bits into registers, rather than using coils. I just stumbled onto it running a quick test of some V130 code, to be sure it was communicating.
  14. Thanks. I was wondering if it might be the simulator, although I have never seen that before. I will try another master device and see what happens.
  15. So what does that mean for clients who previously used Visi series, but want to move into the Unistream? Do we need to recreate the program, or is there a way to migrate it? it would seem to be to your benefit to have this ability, which would allow users to move into the newer system.
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