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  1. First of all, thank you for your reply I also think that using subroutines for each i/o would be time consuming, as well as increasing the complexity of the program. So I 've decided to use multiple structs to copy all inputs to the MI's that will be sent throught canbus. But when I use a second struct block in order to copy all the inputs from the second i/o after the ex-rc1, I cannot transmit the values. The compilation of the problem is reporting "Missing output element - Net will not be compiled". I attach the file of one of the ex-rc1, if anyone has the time to take a look I would be gra
  2. Hello to everyone, I am building a project that will utilize three ex-rc1 units and on each one I have attached four io-atc8, two io-pt400 and one io-di8-r04. The atc8's will read temperature readings from J thermocouples and the pt400's from normal Pt100 temp sensors. The project is a temperature and alarm monitor, the di8-r04 will only energize a siren and a lamp. My (silly propably) question is : should I make one subroutine on each ex-rc1 for each analog io unit? I have successfully made the ex-rc1 to correctly transmit the input values from the first i/o to the HMI unit, but when I try
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