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  1. I was thinking the whole time that I should probably go straight from the PLC to the CR. I still have some relay outputs available on the PLC. I think I will use that method so I won't have to add another relay.
  2. Ok, I think I understand what to do now. I am not concerned about monitoring the status of the buttons with the PLC. So, to make this work I will need to add another relay in that will be controlled by the PLC, and this relay will in turn drive the control relay. Am I correct in thinking that?
  3. Yall are correct. The buttons are not wired into the PLC. As you said, the electrician wired it as a mechanical stop start, but he knew I would be also controlling it with the PLC. I want to be able to use the physical buttons on the panel as well as control it with the PLC. Does the PLC require inputs from the buttons? If so how do I accomplish this since they are 110 volt butttons?
  4. Ok, I tried that and it still isnt there yet. It will energize the relay, but wont drop it out. MB 17 and MB 18 do not appear any where else in the program, so thats not an issue. I dont know if it will help but Ive attached a sketch of the way the electrician actually wired this up. Thanks for all the help! clamp sketch.pdf
  5. Here is a shot from the wiring diagram for the circuit in reference. Its not a great diagram, but its what my electrician provided me. clamp.pdf
  6. I am needing some help figuring out some ladder logic. It should be simple but I just cant get it. This is the situation. I have a normally open switch and and normally closed switch in series with each other. These switches are controlling a relay that in turn controls a solenoid valve. The NO switch goes to pin 7 on the relay and the NC switch to pin 8. I can't figure how to do this in the PLC and its the last thing to complete my project. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
  7. I was able to enter info mode and escaped out of it and the display started working again. Thank you much for the help. To answer your question, I was loading the the hot water in cooler application when it messed up.
  8. Hello, Im a beginner to PLCs and I need to some help. I was loading one of the sample applications from within the visilogic program and my display stopped working. I can unplug the PLC and plug it back in and the screen will flash orange for a split second and then go blank. Ive tried to load applications that I know the display worked on and nothing happens. I uninstalled visilogic and reinstalled and then reloaded another application and the screen still doesnt work. Does anyone have any ideas on how to fix this? Thanks for the help!
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