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  1. Hi Edvin
    did you manage to complete communication with Art-Net?

  2. Yes, that is what I want to do. I have now done it with a formula. The NOT operation is to toggle all the bits, I have now done it by subtracting the value from FFFF. Thanks.
  3. Hi, I'm using Unistream for the first time and I want to know if it is possible to add up the values of an array? And is it also possible to perform a NOT operation on an Integer? Thanks in advance, Edwin
  4. Alex, Thank you for your reply. I tried it but I doesn't function. I found out that the OpCode (for ArtDmx) has to be 0x5000 with the low byte transmitted first. So the code will be as follows: [41] [72] [74] [2D] [4E] [65] [74] [00] [00] [50] [00] [0E] [00] [01] [00] [00] [00] [02] [64] [C8] Last 2 values are the setpoints which are 100 and 200. I am sending it with the Protocol TCP/IP Send and a stream with a fixed length of 20 in this case. I can see that this is transmitted to the device but it is not working, can you what I might be doing wrong? Thanks.
  5. Thanks for your reply Alex, I already set the socket as TCP RAW and used the TCP protocol to send a message. The problem that I have is that I don't exactly know how to compose the message, it has to start with "Art-Net" 0x00 which is no problem but after that I have to send the following values: - OpCode (INT16) which has to be 0 - ProtVerHi (INT8) which has to be high byte of protocol version (14) - ProtVerLo (INT8) which has to be low byte of protocol version (14) Do I need to put 0 at ProtVerHi and 14 at ProtVerLo? - Sequence (INT8) has to be 0x00 - Physical (INT8) has to be 0
  6. Hello, I am trying to communicate with the Art-Net to DMX interface (from DMX4ALL) via LAN. I have to send a specific message to the interface so it knows what to do. The message is as you can see in the attachment. I can connect to the interface with the "TCP/IP CONNECT" function block, but I cannot communicate with the interface. Can anyone tell me how I can make the message in the "Protocol: TCP/IP Send" function block? Thanks in advance. Edwin ArtDmx.pdf
  7. Hello, Currently I'm using the MODBUS RTU to DMX converter from t-mac in the UK. But some DMX drivers cannot get the correct data from the converter. Is there another way to control a DMX driver with a V350? This may be done with an interface (CANBUS/MODBUS IP to DMX) or directly from the PLC. Thanks in advance, Greets Edwin
  8. Hello, I am using the Enhanced Webserver and have a question about it. I want to use a user and password to secure the webserver. From the entrance page I can go to the start page when I log in, that's no problem. But when I want to go to another page it says wrong password! and when I look at the address bar I see "User=Hand.&Pass=Auto". When I fill the correct user and password in the address bar it works fine. I see that the user and pass is stored in ST20 and ST21 but I don't know what the are, are they memory addresses in the PLC or in the browser? Thanks in advance. Greet
  9. Does Unitronics support SSL encryption now? Or is there a way to work around it if my email server requires SSL encryption?
  10. Hello, I'm using the advanced webserver based on a V350. If I put this program in my V350-B1 it works fine and I can see the different pages, but when I change my hardware configuration to a V570-57-T20B with a V200-18-E3XB print and put the software in the V570 my webserver doesn't work anymore. Could somebody tell me what I'm doing wrong? Thanks in advance, Edwin
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