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  1. I want to verify or upload the program inthe PLC but the program is protected by a pasword and i don't know the pasword . . I think i have the original programme but i can also not compare my programme with the program in the plc due to the pasword . is there a way to do so even without the knowlegde of teh correct pasword ? thanks for your reply
  2. Hi Vema , sorry to say , i have tried so many things i do not remember any more what exactly made it working . So i can not give you any good feedback hope unitronics will give a feedback
  3. Hello , i have even used a computer with windows xp where i have full administartive rights on it . I can initialise the enfora modem GSM1308 by using the modem services and then prepare plc side modem . It's starts running and doesn 't give any error or alarm . ( initialised with the cable deliverd with the modem ) . when i then connect it to the M90 with the standard program cable and the connector MJ10-22)CS72 and try to work with the plc programme 1 first initialise ( set bit SB180 and see if SB181 comes high . this is not happening ??? baudrate is set to 9600 remark : i use the identical software and the same Sim card in a wavecom modem and the it's working . in attachement the program ( line 40 is initialising the modem and line 41 is send test sms suggestions ? What should exactly be in the initialising commands ? this is what is standard in the field ( adjusted baudrate to 9600 ) i have also tried with hyperterminal but don't find a reason ? the bit SI 70 is showing value 2 AT&F WAIT 5 GOBR 115200 AT+CPIN=^XXXX^ WAIT 3 ATS0=1 ATE0 AT&C1 AT&D0 ATX4 ATQ0 ATV1 AT+IPR=9600 WAIT 5 AT+IFC=0,0 AT+CNMI=2,1,0,0,1 AT&W
  4. sim ok tested in modem wavecom , worked ok test in enfora met sim who i know is good , not working i have trie to initialise the modem by modem services visilogic seems to work but still not working to send sms status SB180 stays 0 ?? thanks for any further suggestions
  5. Hi there i am trying to initialise the enfora modem PLC side but he keeps on saying modem operation failed modem not initialised . i have done everiting according the manuals ? used the right cable deliverd with the modem . i am out of possibilitie's what to do ? What is there to try more , thanks for feedback enfora modem .pdf
  6. Hi , i have been reading about this error on the forum's but a real soluttion i did not found i am working with version 9.0 whith vision no problems with really old program U90 no problems but with a recently program i get this run time error 5 so according to the forum that are dll 's missing ??? then i should not could save older /other programs . i have not yet removed and installed unitronics but is /are there other things that i can do ? many thanks for helping me Laporbr
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