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  1. Hi how do you set your default start-up display with VisiLogic
  2. Hi is there anyway to increase the brightness of the V1040 ?
  3. There was a jumper inside the V200-18-E46B that changes the type of the analog input from voltage to current. Sorted out the issue,.
  4. Hi I have a pressure sensor that i use on a V570 and V200-E1B snap-on. The sensor is 4-20ma sensor. I've set the analog input to 0-20ma. On the E1B each analog input has the following: V - Positive I - Input Signal (Positive) 0V - Negative It work fine on the E1B Now im trying to use the same sensor on the V200-18-E46B Which has the following analog Inputs AN0 AN1 AN2 ACM - Negative Ground AN3 - High Pressure Sensor (Positive) AN4 AN5 AN6 - 8 But it gives me a value of 1024 on the system. which according to the booklet mean "Deviates above the input range" Has anyone got a solution ?
  5. Hi, Figured out that the actual output from the trucks ADM is giving off a resistance and not a voltage. I have to convert that from a resistance to a voltage in order for me to pick up a signal if im correct.
  6. I was using a V570 on a vehicle and the 1 day i switched it on and 1 of the outputs kept going on and off randomly by itself. I thought that maybe there was something wrong with the device because no where in the ladder was the output being driven. I downloaded a new version of my program and it sorted it out.
  7. I have ground the ADM/PLD to a common 12v. As the VDO guage is grounded to that when i was testing. The PLC is grounded to a 24v ground as the ADM/PLD are working on a 12v system. Specifications for Outputs from ADM Pin 12/3 Oil Pressure Pin 12/04 Coolant Temp Imax - 120 mA Umax - Ub Umin - 0v A) analog low side driver oil pressure guage, short protected low side switch for warning lamp Do not have a scope to test unfortunately. Using the V200-18-E46B snap-on
  8. Hi Everyone Hope you are all well. I am busy working on a mercedes engine using its PLD and ADM to communicate with it. The ADM on the vehicle give you outputs for oil pressure and coolant temprature etc. I have set my analog input to 0-10v and it is wired to receive a positive signal from the ADM. It does pick up a coolant temp but immediately goes back down to 0 value. When i take a VDO guage for temprature, it picks up the proper temprature and remains contant. I have also tried to set the analog input to 0-20m/a aswell as 4-20 m/a,. But it does the same thing. Is there something im doing wrong with the input as i know signal is coming through since the VDO guage works.
  9. Hi Michael_P I forgot that the difference between the EX and V200 is that 1 has transistor outputs and the other has relay outputs. So the ampage of the EX expansion module wasnt enough to drive the lights etc so had to add a relay in the mix and now it works fine. Thanks.
  10. Good Day I have a EX-D16A3-T016 connected to a V1040. Not making use of any inputs and the outputs are wired PNP. When switching on an output like 47 for example. The voltage is 24v If I try connect a few gloves to it which we call "Ground Lights" on the vehicle, the output comes on but the lights are dull and the voltage is no more than 1.7v and the status light S.C. is red. I've also tried to switch on the vehicles windscreen wipers and it does the same with that.. If I remove the wire from output 47(EX-D16A3-T016) and i put the wire into output 2 of a V200-18-E46B and i switch on the output, the the lights work properly. is there anything that i am doing incorrectly.
  11. Thanks for your response I have the information on hand that i need to read from the manufacturer ( as follows ) But i do not know where to place it on the configuration sorry if i come off stupid but im trying to figure this out by myself without previous knowledge of J1939
  12. Thanks, I have watched the webinars on the UniCAN and its what i was looking for. Although i still need to study it and learn how to apply it to my project.
  13. Hi I went to watch this webinar where they show u a demonstration on modbus master and slave using RS232 http://www.unitronic...webinars/modbus This will enable you to read/write data between a master and slave.
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