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  1. Hi, My project work properly before yesterday on UniLogic 1_16_Rev_44 . Yesterday I update software to UniLogic 1_18_Rev_60 and firmware (I use a DOK) after. After PLC reboot and download the project on PLC I have message on the screen to update I/O modules. I confirm this and PLC is looking OK. The project work good (software) but nothing happens. I see when PLC initializing I/O modules blinking green every second. When initializing finished first three one I/O modules ( 3x UIA-0402N) blinking red rapidly and other 6 modules (UID-0808T) blinking green every second. The PLC is USP-104-B1
  2. Hi Eyal, I have devices who PLC communicated whit Modbus/TCP(16 bits word). Information is in Single-precision floating-point format (two 16 bits word) and Double-precision floating-point format (four 16 bits word) in IEEE754 standart. It is possible to create UDFB's: IEEE785 to REAL Regards, Milen.
  3. Hi, How do I remote access (access my PLC from anywhere at anytime via VNC)? Can anyone explain my step by step how to use VNC (I'm using Ultra VNC or another VNC)?
  4. My Win7: http://dox.bg/files/dw?a=2f0c468390 UniLogic package: http://dox.bg/files/dw?a=2e8451fa98 Installed programs on my PC: http://dox.bg/files/dw?a=f191cc9a7e I did an experiment on another computer running same Windows 7 a year ago. UniLogic Installer automatically install NetFrame and this time SQL from UniLogic pack. Happy new year.
  5. Windows 7 Enterprise I don't now what mean SP1. They just install Win 7 and then have about 175 updates. In the next day I try to install UniLogic. I ask some people at work after Christmas. I'm working on 30.12.2013. I find SQL server (LocalDB) maybe 2012 in UniLogic package. I'm sure this is not SQL 2008 R2. Merry Christmas. Milen
  6. Hi all, I solve the problem. Problem isn’t related to administrative rights. For unknown to me reasons. UniLogic Installer don’t install SQL’s. I think this is normal because in “UniLogic System Requirements ReadMe.pdf“ I read and Unitronics write this: Notes: *Windows XP: the UniLogic installation will also include SQL 2008 R2 Express. *The UniLogic installation files for higher version of Windows do not require SQL 2008 R2 Express In my machine Installer: Pending Microsoft Net Frame 4 install it and then Pending and install some update for Net Frame and this is all. When I loo
  7. Yes. I instanstal UniLogig as admin but UAC was on. In this machine i have both XP and Win7. First I instal UniLogic in XP without problem. Next I instal UniLogic as admin but UAC was on in Win7. Problem is still occur.
  8. Hi I have same problem as sgull. My computer have Windows XP and Windows 7. In XP i install and run UniLogic without problem but in Windows 7.... I install UniLogic 1.2. ver5 and try to run it. The program starts with "loading notifier" and then followed by "loading Components" At this point nothing happens and the program will not load further. I try to start UniLogic without any compatibility mode and as administrator but no difference. In the Windows 7 event viewer i have 2 messages: First one: Log Name: Application Source: .NET Runtime Date: 20.12.2013 г.
  9. Hi, I defined a Tag named: Dd, from type UINT16[0...7] I putted there: Dd[0] - System RTC Time Seconds. Dd[1] - System RTC Time Minutes. ... Dd[7] - System RTC Date Day of Week. In "Store in Array" I can only set all Dd, not different elements of Dd. Obviously I can use Ladder Element Store for every one but it is silly. Is there a more elegant solution?
  10. Hi, I have Unitronics PLS V350-35-T2 (IP with Ethernet card and 3ps. Satec PM130EH+ with Ethernet moduls (IP I use ModbusRTU/TCP port 502 for PM 130EH+ When I connect Socket2 with FB TCP/IP Connect I can write only one IP after that I have communication only with this Satec. I want to communicate with all Satec as fast as possible. If I initialize Socket 0 and Socket 3 as TCP port 502 ????? Pls
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