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  1. I am not using a PC for this; I am using another PLC - in this case Opto 22. I have tried communicating via PCOM using both binary and ASCII protocols shown in the PCOM manual. I have not been able to get either to work. I can see that the two establish a connection (socket 2), but the V350 does not respond to the query. For the ASCII version, I just tried the simple "Read Real Time Clock", which is "RC". Is there anything else I have to do on the V350 side to prepare it for PCOM communications? Does this work only over a particular port on ethernet? Thanks for your help Kurt
  2. That sounds like what I am trying to do. Can you give me more details about how you did this? Does the database send data to the PLC via PCOM? Do you have an example you can send me? - Thanks!
  3. Is there any automated way to get data from a database such as SQL into a V350 in an automated way? It would be nice to go from an external database into a Data Table. Anyone with experience in this area?
  4. I need a completely automated solution for sending a .csv (or .txt) file to a V350 that can then be imported into a Data Table. This has to happen without human intervention. The .csv file would be in the same format as the Data Table. Ideally the V350 would be able to grab a file from an FTP server and write it to SD Card, then read the file and write it to a Data Table. I'm surprised that there is not a solution like this, as it would be a common requirement to read in a recipe in automated fashion for example. Any ideas? Many thanks .... Kurt
  5. Are there numeric codes assigned to folders on the micro SD card in a V350?
  6. I have a project that requires me to use FTP to send and retrieve .csv files from an FTP server. I know someone has written a program to send files via FTP for Visilogic, and I am currently working with the example that tech support sent me (still have to work out some bugs) but has anyone here used FTP to retrieve files via FTP and put them on the SD card? Thanks for your help Kurt
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