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    What can we do with remote Operator? Maybe straight control to PLC.. what's required and how it works
  2. Thank you.. No longer any problem. Problem was, that I looked first to the "HELP" file, and it led astray, untill i notice, that did'nt work. Example in "examples"- folder works.
  3. Ok I forgot the important word in the title, "when the measurement wire is broken. etc." So, we have power on. Meassurement signal is 4...20 mA. So input value "204" means 4mA. Limit 170 can indicate, that there is a fault in measurement...
  4. way to maintain the last measured value before the break
  5. the forum has been said about this odd activity with linearizition. it seems that in "Help" there is example, which operates correctly only with 1 measurement. In "examples" there is actually working solution several measurements.! Today I spent 8 hours at work to investigate this thing, because the action was very strange... It seems that timing is very important with these utilities, I recommend that the "help"- files are updated as soon as possible
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