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  1. I am using a V350-35-R2 with a EX-D16A3-TO16 and a IO-ATC8 to run PID control on a simple heater. i am have a problem getting the PWM on the EX-D16A3-TO16 to work correctly . the issue appears to be with the operand of frequency. I'm not sure what I am doing wrong. i have attached a copy of the program. any help would be greatly appreciated. heater.vlp
  2. we have been using V350 to monitor water flow to the molds in our injection molding operations. i have been added them to the machines 2 per month. the units come for our supplier mount in an enclosure and wire to a terminal strip. we have about 10-15 units in the plant. when i went to install a unit today everything went just like is has on the other units. wire the unit in and powered it up, the unit booted and the stock screen saver loaded and ran. when i went back with the laptop to load the program into the unit. after about 30 mins of messing around with the laptop i went and got a dif
  3. We are currently using several Unitronics V350’s in our manufacturing facility. We currently have PCs at every work station that are used to report production to PLEXUS for inventory and production monitoring. My questions involve the pro and cons and different ways of getting the data from the PLC into the PLEXUS system on the PCs. Can the V350 be used as a peripheral device on the PC? Send data viva serial port and have the PC look at it like data from a barcode scanner? This would be the simplest way because the PCs are already on the floor and networked. All the V350s have the TPC\IP
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