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  1. For when weighing or load cell module for unistreams?
  2. Thank, the support technical of Unitronics solve the problem.
  3. Greetings to all, I hope that the global pandemic problem is solved soon, but we must continue to keep our minds busy. I am having a problem downloading a program in EX-RC1, the error that appears is in the image that I attach, I have tried everything I can think of but it always shows the same thing. I'm starting and it's an example from the Visilogic library. Thanks in advance.
  4. The problem was that the USB was defective. It shows that I am new with these PLC models.
  5. Received PLC with USC-B5-RA28, I am trying to connect with it and I don't know how. Recorded on a USB the update of the firmware but before connecting the PLC after a while with the orange color in EXECUTE it starts to flash and the ERROR LED appears in red, it does not recognize the USB either. I do not know what to do. VID_20190930_164019.mp4
  6. Is The GSM Modem for Wavecom Q2303A compatible with V350 ?
  7. Hello SI 199 in online mode is #1000 and the version is OS 5.04(28) Thank.
  8. I have the V120-22-R1 connected to a GSM. Everything works seemingly well, meaning through the FB, and receives SMS sending SMS without problems. My problem starts when I want to pass the SMS to (MI). Active bit (SB) 199, Store 1000 to (SI) 199 and when I receive a message, is stored in (MI) 500 and the bit (SB) 198 that is not activated a message has arrived. I changed the address in (SI) 199 and always saves it in half the value store. Help please if possible send the file, please Show me where. Riego SMS.vlp
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