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  1. Hello!

    I have a strange problem with the screen of a 280: the screen is used to read values out of a table.

    I have a screen on which I want to show 6 variables:

    - 3 x Integer values

    - 1 x ASCII String - 6 characters long

    - 1 x ASCI String - 30 characters long

    - 1 x ASCII String - 10 characters long

    There is also a bit of static text on the screen.

    The variables are being read out of a table - all in one row, different columns for the different variables.

    I want to scroll through the rows (and update the value on the screen) by using two keys.

    I now have the strange effect that some of the variables are simply not shown...but not always the same one!

    If I delete one variable and place the same one again, it is normally back, but i can happen that another one is gone instead!?!

    I have to check after each download this page to see if it complete...or to delete and place the varaiblen again.

    Does anyone know a reason for this?



    Visilogic 8.6.0 Build 0

    PLC: Vision 2xx O/S V5.04 (B13) HW:A

  2. Dear All,

    We have a project, containing two V280. The two PLC's communicate via UniCAN with each other. Both PLC's are equipped with an Ethernet port that was forseen for the communication to the client Scada system. BUT now the client requests to communicate to the V280 via Profibus.

    I have been checking around for some type of Profibus converter and have found this one here.

    Does anyone has experience with this thing, or can someone request different products that are working reliable, easy, and (ahum...) cheap? I do not want to spend too much time in getting such a thing up and running, but am looking for some type of fool-proof converter.


    - both Visions are connected via UniCAN

    - one of the Visions should be connected as Slave to the Profibus network of the client

    - finally, we should still be able to make a VPN connection for remote control of the two PLC's.

    Thanks for feedback!


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