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  1. Hey, I have tried with gmail server and it worked.
  2. The problem I had: I didn't knew how to visualize the alarm history with SD Card Suite. Now I tried more and I found out that I can read/visualize the alarm history with SD Card Manager by importing data from SD Card into it.
  3. I use Initialize and reset to simulate a power loss with no memory backup battery...so it's kind of debugging I know that alarm history is still present on the SD Card, but I don't know how to visualize it...? How I do that? Thanks
  4. Hello, I'm doing a project where I have to save alarms to SD. I have a V570 with 2GB SD card (The SD Card is formatted with SD Card Suite). I set the SB352 (Write alarm history to SD) and it does that, it writes alarms directly to SD card. If I have some alarms in buffer (SI76 value is greater then 0) and I set SB352, the value in SI76 clears and ALARM.UAL is increasing in size. So I think the alarms are written to SD Card. The problem is when I use the FB "Show alarms" with "Alarm history" option. It shows the history, but after a PLC Init and Reset, the history is cleared. It shows the history from PLC Memory, not from SD Card. So, my question is how should I save alarms to SD and then display them? Thanks!
  5. Hello Ofir, I downloaded your examples and tried to open them with visilogic v9.5. after file conversion, a popup inform me that I can not open the file from various reasons: - could not find the file, or the file is corrupt, etc. Can you please reattach the examples? Thank you!
  6. I've founded! "UniOPC.Server.1". But I have other problems now, I'm able to write values to PLC's, but when I'm reading values, they are all 0's or false. It does not read the real value from MB, MI, etc. Anyone?
  7. hello, I.m a newbee and I'm developing a scada application, and I want to connect with multiple plc's using UniOPC Server. Scada is developed in C# .net and I'm using for opc client: OPC .NET API 2.00 Redistributables. For connecting to uniopc server, i need the name and location for the server: Thanks in advance.
  8. Yes, it's working fine now. Thanks a lot!
  9. Thank you Emil, I understood now that PLC resets SB80, and it should be set on the same net when storing to SB84. In help file, SB80 is set at the end.
  10. Hello, I'm doing a project with JZ10-11-UA24. I'm reading a 4-20mA senzor on AI2, doing some math and then I'm outputing on AO2 to an analog 4-20mA panel indicator. I have done a linearization for the input, and it's working. I have done the linearization from help. But, when I wrote the linearization for the analog output, exactly like the one for input, it doesn't work anymore, either of them. Can you please send me an example how to work with 2-3-4-many linearization in ladder, for JAZZ series? I mean, in help it says nothing about using more then 1 linearization. After puting the right values for x1,2,y1,2, you set SB80 and thats all. But what if I want to do another linearization?? I have tried to reset SB80 and set it again, but nothing, output values aren't what should be! I'm looking forward for your answer!
  11. I understand. Thank you, we will try to use gprs modems with ethernet and come back with results!
  12. I understand. Thank you, we will try to use gprs modems with ethernet. Have a nice day!
  13. OK, that is a solution, is the same thing as connecting the plc's to the internet thru cable . I think I just need 2 gprs modems with ethernet. Or, other solution is to connect 2 gprs modems to the PLC, on COM1 and COM2. It could be good to implement FB's for using PCOM with gprs modems connected to plc on serial port. thanks!
  14. OK, Thanks. I cannot use MODBUS, I think. The problem is I have a SCADA application build by me, and it's using only pcom to communicate with 3 plc's. (V130). So, beside that, 2 of these plc's must have a communication bewtween them. Lets say, plc1, plc2 and plc3 and scada. PLC1,2,3 communicate with scada, and plc1 communicate also with plc2, directly, not thru scada. All PLC's are using siemens tc65 for communication, and scada use a internet connection. It's possible for a V130 to establish two connections? - one MODBUS and one PCOM with a single gprs modem? MODBUS for communication with other plc and PCOM for communication with scada. scada reads data from all 3 plc's at 10 sec interval. Thanks!
  15. I know I can use MODBUS, but I asked if there is a way to accomplish a communication between 2 plcs via gprs modem using pcom protocol. thanks in advance!
  16. 2 PLC's. I want to be able to read/write MB's, MI's between PLC's. There will be 2 pcs V130. Thanks
  17. Hello, Is there a way to read/write (send) data between 2 plc's via gprs modem, using pcom? I'm using V130 and Siemens TC65 at both ends Thanks in advance!
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