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  1. Fantastic Joe.. I am very grateful for his suggestion. I create an DT for COMM setup... According to the configuration i enable an specific bit to load the corret COMM config on startup :-) Many thanks for all.
  2. Friends Thanks for replies. Is possible apply changes from INFO MODE in the COM_Init block ? - I can change same parameters on info mode, but, after PLC restart, the code stored on ladder load values write in the code. Is possible access these parameters on SI, SB or other mode to write on ladder ?
  3. Hi . I use an V1040 with visilogic 9.4.0 Is possible change the baud rate (PORT1, PORT2, PORT3) without in Visilogic Thanks all for attention
  4. Hi Guys. About digital output, is possible i connect other power source (24vdc) to output, or is necessary i connect the same power source that Input (PLC) (same circuit). Thanks for all
  5. In time, In the datasheet of module that I use have an information : Unit load: 0.125.
  6. Hi Guys. What max devices i connect in a RS 485 port ? - In the Unitronics Manual ( Unitronics Devices and RS485 pg 3) say: "RS485 is a balanced serial interface for the transmission of digital data, which enables you to create a multi-drop network containing up to 32 devices, or nodes" In TIA/EIA-485 (RS-485) have information about unit load and other information about the max nodes. It is possible following some specified increase the number of nodes? (+ 32)?
  7. Guys When i make a download that my project on PLC V130-33-T38, after the download finish the hmi show a message : " hold (i) for info mode. © Unitronics No app. After this, if i make a new download that same project - the program run perfectly. I try download the same program on two PLC 130 and occurred the same thing. If i download a blank projet, the program run fine and this problem don´t happen. I make tests change the values bauld rate (for serial connection) and download through ethernet. How is possible fix it ? In time, i use the Visilogic 9.3.1 Build 0, Windows 7. PLC ´s us
  8. Mr Joe, Emil and Damian, thanks for response. My application is pulse counter. I use a V130-33-t38 , 8 modules IO-DI16 and 1 Ex-A1. Joe, the time is not critical. I calculate, max 2, 3 pulses per minute for each input. If i say, the code for one input have 20 lines. These lines, 11 are routines that will only be activated under specific conditions. If this happens, the main routine will 1242 lines with 138 sub with approx 9 lines each. These values are problem ?
  9. Hi Guys I create a code with 25 lines. I need use the same code for more 138 inputs. Is possible use all codes in main routine ? - I try view the size off program but, visilogic show only in color´s bar. That accord of size show in bar´s color is possible. I don´t find a way for view size off program in Bit´s, Bit´s or other information. I use V130, Visilogic 9.3.1. Good weekend for all.
  10. Hi Guys In Build menu - Project Memory Map show size of my application using color bar´s. I finish the complet routines for one input, howover i have more 130 inputs for config. I'm worried that space using at this moment. How i can view the size of application in bytes ? I using the Visilogic 9.3.1 Build 0 - And V130 - 33-T38 with 08 IO-DI16 / Windows 7. Thanks for attention.
  11. JohnnyB

    Opc da

    Hi For connect and view data on uniOPC server, the client (view) need support what version of OPC da (2 or 3) ? Is necessary programming in ladder specifics function for opc run ? On help in visilogic have a instruction: The socket 1 tcp Enables PC to PLC communication via UnCmDrv1.dll, including VisiLogic, Remote Access, and other Unitronics communication applications. Socket 2 port 2025x are used for all unitrinics program and socket 3 for program like scada. For use UniOPC what socket i need enable ? I read the .pdf intructions for install uniopc and I got these doubts. Thanks for
  12. Damian You wrote : "Obviously this method would need to be modified if you change the decimal place."add In the example, the vector size is 7 (D#7), (Function Number to AscII).. If i change to 8 (D#8), the function need too be changed to, right ? I try understant what is the " 00FF" in the function AND. I believe it is about bit address or bit reference. What documentation i need read and studing for understand this ?
  13. Damian Many thanks for instrution and help. :-) Working perfectly.
  14. Mr Damian I confuse the function names. You are correct, is Num to Ascii Is possible you send me a example that you explain, please ?. I don´t found in help or example how use function " Replace String". Many thanks.
  15. Hi guys. I'm using a function Num to string in format "00000.000". Is possible replace the .(dot) sign for use ,(virgule) sign ? I try use function "replace string", but i don't find in a MI the "dot" value. It's correct this step ? Good Day for all
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