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  1. This is an error I have seen from 2008. I have a lot of customers with the same error:

    If the application has a Date or Time variable when you download the application to the Jazz and had this error:

    (200) M90 Ladder

    Download Error in ParseOperand, sLine = Fecha y Hora

    Support said me this error was fixed in the version U90Ladder 6.0.5 and to overcome this probles I had to chage the Date&Time variable to List and back to desired Date&Time variable.

    I have now the 6.1.11 version and I see the error is not fixed.

  2. A customer of mine have the MJ10-22-CS35 usb-rs232 converter from Unitronics. the converter was working in Windows XP but now he have a new laptop with Windows 8 64 bits and the converter doesn't work.

    Do you know where to get the drivers for Windows 8?

    Is there anyone with Windows 8 and MJ10-22-CS35?

  3. Do you use the PID SERVER tool? Me a lot, tunning a PID with this tool is a fantastic way to reduce time.

    But I use this tool for other purposes where there are not PIDs envolved.

    I know I can do my own tool with the .dll or .net drivers but I don't know Visual Basic or .NET

    I would like than Unitronics will develope a graphic tool like the PID server to see analog or digital operands. I think it is easy because it is only an update from PID SERVER.

    The "FP Data Analyzer" OF PANAS0N1C is an example of software I would like to have.

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  4. I am distributor of Unitronics too and I had to improve functionalities to Unitronics thanks to other products: Datalogging USB with Fuji Electric Hakko Electronics with the protocol of Unitronics. Advanced Web Server and UMTS modem with eWON modem router. I'd like the Next Generation of Unitronics will have these but I sold a lot of PLCs without them.

    eWON have a good solution for "scada" web and it's very easy to read data from Unitronics with Modbus Protocol.

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