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  1. I don't have this how, but I remember you have to change the name of visilogic too: visilogic2.exe
  2. wow, it's very interesting. I'm thinking about to buy an Android phone, when I have one I will test your application.
  3. Is there any experience or work about to use Protocol FB of Unitronics to communicate with BACnet devices RS-485?? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/BACnet There is a potential use of Unitronics in Building and I'm very interesting to know about it.
  4. We use the ewon modem-router, it has ethernet port and serial port and the modem can be GPRS, UMTS or HSUPA. The problem is the price too. But when you have a big project to do, this price is easily acceptable.
  5. There is an interest point here: why the EX-RC1 + IO is more expensive than a V120?? It's the same with the IO remote modules of others manufactures (WAGO, BECKHOFF, CREVIS, ETC, ETC) I have used Jazz instead of this kind of modules because the prices. When the number of I/O is bigger the story is different of course.
  6. Welcome to the Unitronics Forum, and yes, It's a long time very popular request. The multi-project, the simulator off-line,... I hope the next generation will include them.
  7. I wonder if Unitronics is working in a FTP client for Vision. This way you could send datas from SD to a FTP Server. Other solution would be if Unitronics will develope a Server of remote datas, maybe only adding datas to My SQL database. This kind of applications is very usual last time.
  8. I had a very important fluctuation measuring a temperature because the cable of the RTD was by the same canal that the cables of fluorescent lights. I noticed that swithing off the lights. Some electrician don't know about RFI.
  9. There are a lot of application with two V120 in canbus working as Emil said. The redundance of inputs and outputs is also possible.
  10. A customer of mine used a V130 with the PTO function and a Servo of Sanyo Denki working as a stepper motor and it is all OK. It's not a CNC but simple applications are possible.
  11. Well, other solution is to reduce the wight of the expansion modules, maybe a thin expansion module without screws with 32 inputs with the half size of an IO-DI16.
  12. I have an application with two PIDs for Temperature: The Climatic Chamber. One PT100 input but two outputs, one for heating and other for cooling. The application works fine with 2 PID but the Auto-tune don't get the parameters.
  13. I had the same problem with a V1040. My solution was download the Binary Libraries, OS and boot with a old PC with serial port. With the USB to UART or with usb to serial of Unitronics was imposible.
  14. Is there any date for the new generation with a new software with multi-monitors, multi-projects, simulator??? The Visilogic was a awesome software ten years ago, now it needs a lot of changes or reborn again.
  15. I think you can choose "Update Project" and don't save the application in the PLC. It's hard because you have to open the application again and again in every download but it's a solution. The idea of "do nothing" is the right way.
  16. Right now I'm developing an application with a V350 and a HMI FUJI ELECTRIC HAKKO MONITOUCH V815 . The V815 of Fuji is a 15" screen and it connect with Unitronics with PCOM protocol serial or ethernet. If I use the driver Unitronics or UnitronicsTCP I can read and write directly MI, MB, ML, DW,... all but X operands. Before I used Modbus TCP, but now it is easier.
  17. Dream is the start of a goal. I see it very interesting, some of my customers have a lot of Visions with modem or modem-router around the world and a simple update of the application is a tedious task.
  18. Hello Phil, I like use advanced functions to reduce the application but sometimes customers like see only contacts and coils. They used to be electrician and understand better the basic ladder logic. I remember when I had to explain one demo in a single net instead the 20-40 nets customer did it...
  19. I've seen an image and datas about the Vision 1040 in a french webpage. It's awesome but I wonder why there is info in english nowhere.
  20. No expand to the right but you can come back: ---||--||--||--||--||--||- | -||--||--||--||--||--||- | -||--||--||--||--||--||-()
  21. If you want to calculate elapsed time you can use the UTC time instead RTC, UTC is in seconds, this way if you substract the start value of the end value you will get the elapsed seconds.
  22. Hello Phil, I'm using Autohotkey (I'm very newbie) I don't have the skills to use with Visilogic. Can you explain a little more about it.
  23. Thanks Malcolm but this is not my target. I have other projects with Ewon modem-router instead of a simple modem GPRS. The question is if I can use the V130+modem gprs like a Modbus TCP/ip slave
  24. I hope don't lose the old forum, it's almost the wikipedia of Unitronics gurus.
  25. It's true, not all usb-serial work with Jazz but they work with others Unitronics OPLCs. I have some customers had to buy the recomended Unitronics' converter.
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