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  1. Yes, That would be my assumption also. Very strange, that this is not clearly documented in the help documentation suplied with visilogics.
  2. Hey guys, Here is a small update, i thought might be interesting for other people struggeling with this. I found that the numeric decimal veriable length does work. But only in certain situations. For example it is possilbe to construct a receive msg like this: R[11111111111] Here [11111111111] is the variable and "R" is static ascii, can be any ascii As ETX I used 0x0A. It only seems to work when ETX 1 byte long. And there can be nothing else behind the variable. I dont know why this is. But it seems to work for me.
  3. Joe and Simon, Thank you for you'r replies. I will play around with the range sollution Simon suggested, because i want to keep the cycle time as low as possible. As i assume this will be less resource consuming then string manipulation logic. Or is this assumtion incorrect? Cheers, Tom
  4. Hi everyone! Does anybody have experience with extracting numerical values from SCAN FB? Im communicating between controller and V350 over serial cable. And receive messages like: R+400<CR><LF> R-3000<CR><LF> Using <LF> as ETX. In the SCAN FB i have tried configuring this message in many different ways. But did not have succes. It alwas returns -1 in "Index of received message". Simple fixed length message without variables i can receive just fine. Any ideas? or pointers? Greets Tom
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