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  1. Hello All, I have 6 V130 's as slaves connected Modbus IP reporting to a C-more HMI as the master. Each V130 sends a vector of 6 MI's to the HMI reporting temperatures from T/C's on heaters. This is working flawless. My next step is to also send some Data from MB's. I am uncertain of best way to do this. Would it be wise to add one more MI to my vector and use Store Direct for the desired MB as a BCD value? How do I convert the MB's to MI's for Modbus IP?
  2. The Data is there. After I did a raw send and made tags on the Master side the connection is now working. Thanks for all the help. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year To All.
  3. Thanks for the unambiguous feedback Joe T. I downloaded and ran the attached still dont see SB 149 active for the connection. I've done an initialize and reset command and even placed TCP/IP initialize FB for the sockets 0 and 3 in case of overlap from my previous edits and still no connection. The IP Address of the C-More is and I entered this in the Modbus Config FB in the column where the slaves are listed. Unsure if this is correct? I understand that the C-more acts as the master in this scheme . Can you take a look and see where else may be causing connection issues?
  4. Before I attempt to transmit data from the V130 to the C-More HMI, I need to establish communication between the two. TCP/IP is a hand shake protocol . Now using socket 3 ,P 502 and only being concerned with the TCP/IP Connect FB, I've taken out the configure TCP/IP FB. I am not able to to get SB150 to be active. I'm thinking that it may have to do with the PLC slave number. I have tried 0, 1 and even 255 as illustrated in the screen shot above. Looking at Automation Directs customer forum I see there are issues with C-more and Modicon Modbus TCP/IP protocol . Can anyone tell me how
  5. Thanks for the tips. Looking at Net 4, the two contacts in regards to Socket two, NO SB145 contact is for init and the NC SB149 is for connection. I can't see how this would not complete flow to the Connect FB. Can you be more specific?
  6. Hello, After 2 days of researching an trying , with no success, to setup a communication with a V130 and a C-More HMI via Modbus TCP/IP , Its time I ask for help. Eventually I will need to connect 6 V130's to the HMI but I can't seem to get the first V130 to communicate. As I read in some other topics , I will use to this Socket 3 ,port 502 as the C-More is a 3rd party device. I am using Socket 1 for the PC Programming port and it is communicating. Not sure to use The V130 as a slave or a master. I tried both ways to no avail. Attached is a copy of the project. I am hoping someone can po
  7. I need to have some safeguards in place for the case of an open TC. When the Thermocouple is unplugged the HSO is driven 100%. I see an red indicator appear on the IO-ATC8 . Is this reported to the control in a SB or do I need to write a net and do a range comparison with upper and lower limits?
  8. Thanks for the tips. I unknowingly downloaded this BETA version. I recently upgraded my laptop and the IT department here where I work loaded the program. I will now request the non BETA version. I realize that I do not need to run an auto-tune on every startup. The Auto tune did a good calculation for parameters to run at 300 degree F but when i raised to the desired 800 F It needs to be re-tuned. The A tune wont seem to help for the higher temp. The temperature overshoots 10- 17 degrees. What is the best method for correcting overshoot on a PID loop? any thoughts?
  9. I see that you are able to view all the HSO settings. I am using V 9.8.79 Build 0 BETA. Should I try the last not beta version ? What version is the one from in the screen shot above.? I cant move scroll bar any lower. See pic.
  10. For troubleshooting I find it most convenient to have all the PID configuration blocks all tied together on top of the main Ladder routine. I am unable to view the HSO in hardware configuration for beyond Output5. The spin button does not cycle this low. The only way I was able to enter the values was to start at O5 and enter the data moving toward O1- O0. Is there another window to maximize the entry fields? I think I may have doubled some MI's. Other than this I am having success, i was able to perform an Atune on one of my loops now I am trying to set the program up to run all 6 l
  11. "first scan" I was referring to SB2 for the config blocks. I am writing the program now and am sure to have more questions as I get further along. Thanks for the input.
  12. I have an application where I will run 6 separate PID Heating loops with a Vision series V130-33-T2 controller. I have watched and understand the tutorial listed for setting up the PID parameters in regard to Autotune FB's. My question, what is the best practice for running A-tune on multiple loops? Should each have its own sub program? How can be accomplished on the first scan? I have searched and found only single loop examples. Can someone please point me in the right direction.
  13. I have successfully created a shift register using the suggested Si87, SI88 and SB87, SB88 method after the MB to MI conversion. For now I am only using 16 bits for the shift. My next question is . How can I synchronize my Bit Sift (MB's) with ( MI's)? I have a revolving 36 station tester and I would like to record how many times each station has a reject. I will assign each station to a MI. This will allow me to flag stations that have excessive rejects. At this point I have assigned an MI for the current station.
  14. The bit shift is going to be used to track cans that are conveyed at a speed of 150 cans a minute. At that rate using the suggested method may not be accurate. Does the Jazz support vector copy instruction? If not, which OPLC would be suitable for this application? I plan to populate the bit shift register with cans that fail an inspection and point to the bit with a sensor at the reject chute to verify the can was discarded.
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