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  1. Direct to the Cell Phone Number. Nothing special required. I'm not sure how T-Mobile works with setting up a new phone number for their prepaid SIM's, but with AT&T I had to respond to a couple of texts from them during the setup process. So you might need an old phone to plug the SIM in to complete the setup. If that is the case you'll need either a phone that takes a Standard SIM or a SIM Adapter if needing to punch out the Micro/Nano card portion.
  2. I've used Aeris, Hologram and AT&T Prepaid in the past month for SMS Testing without issues on the Cinterion model (3G). If all you want is SMS ability you don't need to be looking for M2M Services. Go get you an AT&T SIM for prepaid services and buy a $10 prepaid card. I think for just a couple dollars you can do a one day unlimited talk/text to do your testing. For actual services for your customers I think it was Hologram that allowed incoming texts at no charge and outgoing was fairly cheap.
  3. Hello
    I was reading your post because it turns out that at this point I have to make a modbus network with VDF schnneider atv32
    If you had some example that you could send me I would appreciate it



  4. We have a customer in CA that is attempting to integrate some A-B with our UniStream unit that is controlling our supplied pump station. They are using a 1796-L33ER unit which is part of the CompactLogix 5370 family. I think I have them straightened out in regards to setting up the Module Properties (Adapter Name, T2O, O2T, I/O Sizing) My question comes in to play in regards to them configuring a MSG Instruction on their end. Their configuration has a name place for a Destination and Source Element depending on if they're Reading/Writing. Literature states this is the "First element of the tag that contains data in the other controller". Is this of any relevance to the UniStream unit or just have them leave it blank? I attempted to attach the page of literature for the MSG instruction and screen capture of my UniStream Adapter Node Configuration but upload is failing. Information in regards for the Inputs is I have a Structure set up for 3 INT16 and 8 Bits for a total of 7 Bytes. These were created in a Structure called EthernetIP Inputs. Possible the element is to be named EthernetIP Inputs or the first tag in this grouping of the structure?
  5. I think I might be in a similar situation. I am attempting to load my first project to a UniStream 7" unit. I could never establish communication between unit and PC using supplied USB Cable. I set up a Network between the two devices and established communication, but UniLogic required me to update files on unit before it would allow me to upload my project. It asked for a USB Drive which I selected and it downloaded some files and provided directions to update. I went to UniApps and updated as directions said. Upload screen with warning to not disconnect power and not to remove USB Drive in multiple colors was flashing during process. Few minutes later was the "beep" noise of the restarting of the unit. Now will sit at the Unistream logo screen with flashing dash on top left hand side for multiple minutes before transferring to a blank screen.
  6. Verify Jumpers on the Board are for Analog / Current for that particular Input. Verify Analog is set up correctly in the Hardware Configuration portion of VisiLogic.
  7. Didn't realize you were using multiple Drives. Something I have found when using the ATV212 or ATV312 Drives with Modbus/RTU is that all the Drives have to be set Line Termination instead of the just the PLC and last Drive in the piggy tail series. I typically use 2-4 in an installation and if I do just the PLC and last Drive it doesn't work. If I do all 2-4 Drives it works.
  8. I use the V570 with ATV312 and ATV212 quite regularly. Below are links to my Cloud for a couple things you might find useful Modbus Manual https://app.box.com/s/oa679ps3rpqfm5glzijwxzrutb9ssbvk Communication Variables https://app.box.com/s/o5kp4vujm171pfqhb2oupk87hkqqu5ij
  9. Seems to operate fine in the brief time I've used it this morning. Here is the download page if interested and not wanting to wait in line. https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/software-download/windows10
  10. Anyone with experience on converting Modbus RTU to Modbusc ASCII via the Protocol Function Blocks? Attempting to force the value of a single Memory Integer from PLC#1 to PLC#2 via RF Radio. The RF Radios are not compatible with Modbus RTU, however.
  11. I am trying to get a V570 (Master) to connect to another V570 (Slave) and read a single Memory Integer using Modbus RTU protocol. They will be installed a couple of miles apart and I have line of site so trying to get a couple of RF Radios to achieve the communication between the two. We're using a couple of XStream-PKG by Digi RS232/RS485 RF Radios. I'm currently trying RS232 and getting nothing. A direct cable connection using the cables and connectors in the setup results in communication. I can get the RF Radios to link up using software by Digi. When mimic the connection like in the field I get nothing. I've tried both 19200 and 9600 Baud Rate. Any one with experience with these setups? Would it be better to use RS485 for this? I assume on the Master side TX of V570 matches up directly with TX of RF Radio. On the Slave side it crosses over after exiting the RF Radio?
  12. Most likely referring to Ethernet/IP and mixed it up. I think UniStream can do Ethernet/IP now, but if more familiar with the Vision line look in to a Protocol Gateway to go between the three devices (Controller, Robot, Server).
  13. Your 3G Router would have to be provisioned with a Publicly Accessible Static IP Address to be able to connect remotely with the Android SCADA App. I use the Unigo for Android as well as an iOS App regularly for remote monitoring of installations. I have used this setup on 2G, 3G and 4G/LTE Networks with success.
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