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  1. hi joe, i thought too it's a rounding problem. i don't precise that for some value for example 560.9 the good result is obtain... yes i already use swap byte. That was just a notice for the dev team ;-) Thanks ...
  2. hi, i use the transpose function with a float. when i transpose 560.8 i got 3530 / 3036/372E but i should have 382E for the last value... Is there a way to correct this? i use a V350 with (i think) the last OS (3.6 (14)) here is a screenshot of what i got... another things an option in the transpose tool where we can choose to got 3035/3630 ... instead of 3530 / 3036... would be great... Thank you...
  3. hi, it's been a long time that this "problem" bothers me. In protocol scan when i insert a control char for example 84 (hex) 84 appears in white with background red. When i push Ok to the protocol scan windows it close and when i reopen it the 84 appears like an unknown ASCII char with a I Is there a way to let the Hex value of the control char visible when we open the windows again. Thanks Best regards
  4. Hi, is it possible to do multiline with the ascii string function? I tugh i can put some CRLF in my ACII vector but as i want to display 60 chars my "windows" can't display the on one line. So the project don't wan't to compile...! Is there a way to bypass the verification? Thanks
  5. Hi, How can I reactivate a Keypad entry on a JAZZ? I explain : - when i boot the entry is valid so i can modify my value. - then i validate with enter. Now my entry isn't enable anymore. How can i enable the entry without rebooting or changing screen ? I can't find the right SB to allow that.... Thanks
  6. hi, i got a subroutine call when MB 0 is on. In this subroutine i want to catch a falling edge of MB1. if i set MB 0 then i set MB1. Then i reset MB 0 the subroutine isn't call anymore. I now reset MB1. When i set MB0 again i call the subroutine and then the falling edge is "activate". Is this a normal behaviour? i first thought that the rise and fall edge where decided at the start of the scan cycle? but it seems it is net dependent ! It's maybe an rfc something rule but i am not aware enough of those rules. I just wnat a confirmation it's a normal thing and not a bug... Thanks
  7. Ok i made a new test that is working Now in my protocol scan i put my ETX in the line of the frame structure and put an end of frame with a 40 ms silence. Like that my protocol scan complete well. The behaviou is quite strange if think? maybe a kind of bug with the ETX with 0D 0A Best regards Olivier
  8. Changing SI100 didn't improve the result. I made a test that is quite interesting. I change my protocol scan and i remove the two ETX byte (0D & 0A) and i set an end of frame with a 40 ms silence. I didn't get a session complete flag and still get -1 in MI 1002. But in the info mode i can monitor the frame like i am waiting. i think it can help. no? i continue my tests best regards Olivier
  9. i have ever done that. This function is very useful anyway... it's sure i didn't receive what i expect via the "monitor" it seems i receive 5 byte ( the counter inc of 5 in the monitor) and these byte aren't showed in one time in the monitor. I just see the last byte. ( just a note the ability to get back the "old" data receive would be a great feature for debuging...a kind of buffer we can navigate thru) The problem is that with the V120 to weighing system send me the good answer to the S command. And that without any reboot of any kind. i really can't see the problem. the strange thing is that the weighing sys should send me a frame and i see in the monitor as if there was multiple frame. Thanks for your help...
  10. Ok i didn't check the new firmware vie help-> check for update. so i now have the last firmware. but the result is the same. I sometimes get 1 in mi status (MI 1000) when i send "S" but not each time. i get -1 in my index (mi1002) The T (T for tare ) is working great but it don't need an answer .
  11. hi, i am trying to communicate with a weighing system. i first made a sample project with a V120 everything was working great. I am now coding this into a V350. I first copy the routine use in the V120 (copy and paste cause convert project didn't work) and the code in the V350 didn't work. Then i try to add manually each instruction "from scratch" it don't work better. I can't find where is the problem. My two com port are working for downloading purpose (visilogic) The only way i am investigate is that i got an error 1 in the MI status of the protocol config.And that only in the V350. here is the 2 code. Thanks for any help. essai com v120 light.vlp essai com V350.vlp
  12. Hi, for MF there is a function ABS why this function isn't available for MI only? Olivier
  13. hi, i'll test and i manage to do what i want. But not as described in the documentation. Because it seems that remote access need excel install on the pc to export to an xls file. And my laptop only have openoffice! It will be cool to choose the file type where we export the data.... Thank you Olivier
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