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  1. Tanks for the answer. Is there any plans for making it work with uac and not administrator rights?
  2. Is it supposed to work with UAC after instalation? It worked after instalation but not when I was removed from the administrator list.
  3. the problem is solved and was: you can't use the status of an output (direct contact) to set anything, changed the output status with the logic to set the output and everything is as it should. Is this normal? why can you use the output status( direct contact) in the ladder diagram when it isn't working?
  4. Hi. Yes the compare function is in a subrutine but I know it's running/ been called cause I have a timer beeing set in this subrutine wich is running. All of the other logic in this subrutine is working fine. I also have done a cross refrence and this direct coil is only in this one place. Acording to the help file it should be able to compare negative numbers (MI's), which I'm doing, could this be the problem?
  5. Hi. I'm having trouble with the compare funktion. When in online test mode I can see that the statement is true, the block is red but it will not set the coil behind it. I've had this problem before but it have been solved by downloading the program again. This time it dosen't fix it. I'm using vision130 with unitronics V 8.6.1 . Anyone having any thoughts about this? regards sjeggefjes
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