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  1. Hi UniGuru,


    is it required to use that particular USB to serial adapter ? Is it enough to use one with Prolific controller PL2303HXD ? (I've Prolific PL 2303H and it seems to be not working)


    The USB host in Unistream had been tested with several devices. All tested devices were using the Prolific PL2303 family drivers.

    If possible, please send me the specifications of the Prolific controller PL2303HXD you mentioned.

  2. Hi Robin,


    There are two main download types in Unilogic - with and without reset.

    Most users prefer the download without reset option - mainly because it doesn't involve stopping the process when making changes to controller on site.

    If you want to go to the main screen after download, either use the "Download and Reset" feature or alternatively create a "Home Page" button for each display.

  3. Regarding adding a swapped bytes feature - I will add a request to our features list.


    Regarding conditions for swapping - there are several approaches for such condition.

    I would use the following:

    Storing the original tag (lets name it A) to another 2 tags (lets name them B and C)

    Swapping the bytes in B

    Running a continuous compare function between the A and C - when A is different then C that means that another value was stored to the PLC and another swapping is necessary.

  4. I can not get the Table function block (Data Table Copy Rows) to work. It is before the (Data Tables Write Row) Function Block that is working. What I am trying to do is to Copy row 0 to row 1 and then copy the new data into row 0 in the Data table. At one time I had it working and then I built a new Table with less rows and it quit working. Any help would be appreciated.

    Hi Kjensen,

    To understand what exactly isn't working in the application, I will need you to post the application itself for inspection.

  5. I have a project using the Enfora 41J modem kit with V130 for SMS messaging(send & receive).  The modem was working perfectly until it was shipped to its final location now it will not initialize anymore. A very new AT&T tower is close by in the area of this project & if I check AT&T coverage map it is not showing 2G coverage.  I have not been able to find definite proof, but suspect this modem needs 2G to work.  Does anyone else have experience with this?  Will Untronics soon supply a newer modem that is more compatible?


    Has the Sixnet IndustrialPro® SN-6000 series routers ever been used as a GSM modem with Unitronics?  This might be a solution for the issue stated above, but I wish to verify that it can be initialized to work with Unitronics PLC.


    Thank You,



    Hi Allen,

    Currently, Unitronics supports 3g modem networking only for the Unistream series (using this modem).

    However, supporting 3g modems for the Vision series is one of our highest priorities, and it is expected in several months time.


    Hi laporbr,

    Please do not use "Report this to a moderator" as a reply in topic, as nobody can see it .

    Next I will paste what you sent in "Report this to a moderator".





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    Posted 29 January 2015 - 10:01 PM

    Eyal Koren, on 29 Jan 2015 - 4:25 PM, said:snapback.png


    Hi ,

    i have another modem Wavecom and i tried the sim card in this one . This modem is/ was allready initialised . With this modem it works perfect so it can't be the sim card .

    when i try to remove the phone nr in the number to dial i get runtime error 70 permission denied .

    any other suggestions ?



    The permission denied error may point to bad dll registration issues. Please try to reinstall Visilogic with administrator privileges. To do that right click on the installation file, select properties and press the Unblock button. Then run the file as administrator. From the installation menu select Repair.


    Please let me know if that solved the problem

  7. Hi,

    Please check the following:

    1. Check if the Sim Card is inserted correctly to the modem.

    2. Is the sim card protected with a pin code?

    3. Is the Sim card open for data communication (contact you cellular provider).

    4. In Modem services, enter your cell phone number in the "Number to Dial" box. Then press "SMS Options". From the SMS Options window, enter some text in the "Send Message" box, and press "Send SMS message". you should receive the message in your cell phone.

    If you cannot receive the message, or getting a modem error message, please let me know.

  8. Hi,

    As you probably know, ASCII is protocol for characters representation. Every character is stored in one byte of data. In visilogic, ASCII strings are stored to MI's, hence two characters in a single MI.

    For a full date to be represented, you need to store 9 characters (8 for the actual date + NULL character), which translates to 5 MI's. This information also appears on the format selection in the RTC to ASCII function block.

    So, in your application the date should be stored in MI150-154, and the time should be stored in MI155-159 (or anywhere you like).

  9. Hi darknesspic,

    You have several methods for storing data in non-volatile memory when using Vision PLC's. As long as the battery in the PLC is functioning properly, the data will be stored even after power loss. The two most common will be:

    1. Simply store the value to either MI,ML,DW or MF operands.

    2. Work with data tables - create you own data structures and store/retrieve them when necessary.


    You can find much more information in Visilogic Help.

  10. Hi Burnout2676,


    The Unitronics Vision series is an integrated PLC and HMI solution in a single unit. 
    It was designed to work with Unitronics IDE (Visilogic) and consists of an internal operating system.

    This operating system is upgrade-able, and Unitronics frequently releases these updates.

    However, it is not possible to replace this OS with an external one (i.e Linux or Windows).

  11. Hi LPK,

    As for all PLC's the input channels are being sampled once per scan (at the beginning of the cycle).

    The smoothing feature does not change the system's behavior in any way. all it does is presenting an average value of the input. Consequently, the update frequency for these values will vary according to the smoothing selection.

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