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  1. Eyal Koren's post in How to save user setting in V280 was marked as the answer   
    Hi darknesspic,
    You have several methods for storing data in non-volatile memory when using Vision PLC's. As long as the battery in the PLC is functioning properly, the data will be stored even after power loss. The two most common will be:
    1. Simply store the value to either MI,ML,DW or MF operands.
    2. Work with data tables - create you own data structures and store/retrieve them when necessary.
    You can find much more information in Visilogic Help.
  2. Eyal Koren's post in Linear scale V280 was marked as the answer   
    Hi denogoro,
    Unitronics, as most PLC manufacturers, is compatible with industrial devices that consist of 24V or 12V voltage.
    It is technically possible to use 5VDC devices using external electronic converters, but doing so is not recommended.
  3. Eyal Koren's post in "Timers" Help topic was marked as the answer   
    Thank you for bringing up this issue.
    I checked your complaint and you are right! Some topics are missing from this version of Visilogic help.
    I have referred this tom our technical writers department and this will be taken care of soon.
    In the meantime, please see the information you requested in the attached file.
  4. Eyal Koren's post in problem with VISILOGIC v 9.7.0. SEND SMS was marked as the answer   
    Please follow this link and follow the instructions above.
  5. Eyal Koren's post in surface was marked as the answer   
    Hi TozoM8,
    1. The Microsoft Surface series includes three basic models. Only the Surface Pro 2 could run windows appliocations such as Visilogic.
    2. Although Visilogic could run on Windows RT based systems, it is not officially supported by Unitronics and compatibility issues may occur.
    Hope this helps
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