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  1. Hi, The RTC error can be of 5 sec each couple of weeks. The allowed drift is up tp 24 sec/month on a 25*C enviorment. There is no direct way to automaticaly change the DST on the PLC via ladder logic. Is the PLC connected to a network with acces to internet? If it does, you can download from the next link examples for UniLogic. http://www.unitronics.com/Downloads/Support/UniLogic/UniLogic%20Example%20Projects.zip there you will find, under \Communications\Protocol a folder called RFC 1305 using message composer. This example will show you how to to a logic on the UniStream so you can update the RTC via internet time server. I hope this helps.
  2. Hello, Please contacts us at support@unitronics.com directly so we can work on this. Thank you
  3. You can create a Unidowloader file so you can give it to your client and then he may dowload it to the PLC. To create the Unidowloader file please follow this steps. Open the application you will like to download. Go to Project menu and select "Create project files" Go to the second tab "Downloader file" and click on create file When ask, save the file where you wish. For example the desktop Go to the Tools menu of VisiLogic and select UniDownload designer. On application select the file you just created. In after download select PLC reset. Click on make file and save it to where you wish. This is the file you will use with UniDonwloader. Open UniDownloader and open the file. configure communications settings accordingly Connect to PORT1 in your PLC, Press the run button and follow instructions If you or your cleint do not have UniDowloader you can download it, FREE of Charge from Unilogic website. Another option, that will requiere SD card, is to create a clone file. -please make sure you add a password- You can then create a clone file in the project dropdown menu. This will lead you to the Create Project File menu Here you can choose to create a file with the OS of only the Visilogic application. Please choose the option with OS *.cxx file. then copy this file to the system folder on the SD card. On the PLC you need to go to info mode go to the SD menu and select the option to upload the files from the SD to the PLC. You can also create a clone file directly from the PLC to the SD card via info mode SD menu. For this you will need to SD password Fb on the logic to be able to do this. Hope this information helps. regards
  4. Hello Mikah, If the date and time where reset after power off then this could mean that the battery is runing low. please tel him to check the status of SB8. if it is 1 this means the batter is low and it will be good idea to change it. The application may remain intact becouse you or your client have dowload and burn the application to the PLC. To change the battery, so he does not loose any data from the operands, he can doit will the V1210 is power on.
  5. Hi Marko, I send you an e-mail with the answer to this. This is not possible using string library. You will need to use Data tables. Save the user names on the data table. You will read the name from the DT and save it to an array of MI, then link this array to a ascii string variable on the screen and use the touch property to link to the MB you wish use to activated an action. regards
  6. Marius. The memory on Vision PLC is a diferrent from other PLCs in Vision MB1=0 is not the same as M1=00000001. There is not direct relation between MBs and MIs as opose for example with siemens where MB0=1 is equal to MI0.0=1 or MI0=00000001. This means you can use in VisiLogic MB0 with out interfering on the value of MI0. To convert from MB to MI you need a function block called bit to num. you can read information about this FB on the help file of VisiLogic. Is there any specific reason why you whant to use the and/or/xor FB instead of ladder logic? regards.
  7. Hello Marius, The AND/OR/XOR logic functions evaluates the state of two integers. This gates can not be use with MB directly. You can convert a two vectors of MBs to MIs then use the gates between this two MIs. VIsiLoigc uses Ladder diagram to program the PLC In ladder diagram you can do what you wish with two dirrect contacts and a direct coil as fallow. ---[MB1]----[MB2]------(MB3) regards.
  8. Hello Michael. I imagine you are using Visilogic V9.7.9, is this correct? If so please uptade to the latest version V9.7.24. After instalation download and install the latest verison of O/S to the PLC. To dowload the lastest OS version go to help menu on Visilogic select "check for updates" and "operating system". After this opend the application, rebuild all and dowload the application to the PLC that is having the pictures issue. Let us know if this fixed the problem. regards
  9. Hi endevor100. You cannot use two or more different coils for the same MB. The scan will take the value of the last coil so for example if you called two time this MB and you activated on a net and after that there is another net where the output is not activated, the PLC will assume it is not activated. In the pictures I notice that the logic has one coil and one set coil for MB10. Why use in one part a regular coil and in another a set coil? Do you activate this MB -MB10- somewhere else on the logic? Which coil do you use to activated it? It is possible for you to send us the application? sent it to support@unitronics.com
  10. Hello jamcar, Can you please give more details on what is exactly the problem you are having? What is the current bin version you have installed on your PLC? If you do not find where this version is, you most do the following: 1- download the latest version of UniLogic from Unitronics webpage. As allways this software is free of charge. 2-after isntaling this software open an application and go to the PLC menu 3-Click on the icon Unistream managment and select firmware manager. 4-A new window will pop up and you'll see 1.9.6. select it 5-insert a USB drive on your computer and click on the buton copy to DOK. The USB drive shoudl be fortmated as FAT32 6-After the files have been copyed to the USB file insert the drive on the host usb port of the PLC. 7-press the upper rigth corner of the PLC for about 8 seconds and the Uniapps screen will apear 8-Click on update. 9-Select the option force and select upgrade PLC. this should take about 15-30 minutes. hope this helps. Best regards
  11. Hello Amir. When initiating the Modem using the com int FB there is an option you can check "clear SIM (all stored messages)". If selected, when you initialize the modem then it will also clear the message on the SIM card. You can add a buton before this FB so each time you have this issue you can initialize the modem once more and clear sim from messages. Another option you have is when using the SMS configuration FB select the option erase unidentified messages from SIM. This option will delete the messages receive that are not configure on the configuration. Hope this helps Best regards
  12. Hi Petercolquhoum. Custom FB is possible in the new UniStream series of Unitronics. Unfortunately in Vision series this is not possible to do. One possible workaround is to use a Data table with the values for the process and a different MI operand for each of the values you’ll like to see on the HMI. Call the subroutine as many times as you need but before calling the subroutine, increment an index so you will read from the corresponding row of the DT the value and linked it to the operands to be use in the process. At the end you link the result to each of the different varaiables you’ll like to display on the HMI screen. Hope this helps.
  13. Hi. There is no build in FIFO funtion on VisiLogic, but doing FIFO is possible. There is an example under the help menu/example/V570_vector_fifo This examples shows you how to created a FIFO logic. V570_Vector_ FIFO.vlp
  14. Hi. When using Ethernet TCP/IP protocol on the PLC you need to the TCP/IP card init to configure the IP address/mask address and default getaway of the PLC. The ip needs to be one that is in the same network as the netgear. The mask depends if the ip address is class A/B/C. In general a mask of is fine. the default getway will be the ip of the netgear. Use soket init to configure a specific port. if you go to VisiLogic help under soket init you will see that he ports have a default setting. Connect/close is use when the PLC will work as master using TCP protocol. If this setup is only to download application from PC to PLC you will not need connect/disconnect. To download application from the Pc to the PLC through Ethernet you will also need to use the PLC name FB. Under help menu/examples you can find a folder called communications. There you can find some examples on using TCP/IP on Vision PLCs Please note that the PLC must be conected using a Ethernet cable to the Netgear. Unitronics PLC does not support Wifi.
  15. Hi DaveE Glad you are on the right path. Is the power up value the same as the value you will like to retain? Is the IP box in the HMI link to the correct tag? If you like us the check your application you can send it to support@unitronics.com The second pictures does not say much. In UniLogic you will alway see in ofline mode. That does not mean that the tag in not reained.
  16. Hi Y.Inds. Factor is use in case the ASCII number has a decimal point. the value in B can be integers So the number in factor will let you know if there is a decimal point and were should it go. Please se attahced example where a ASCII number with a decimal point is use string to num.ulpr
  17. Hello DaveE. In the UniLogic examples, under communication/protocol you will find an example called UniStream_070_TCP_Client_Server_Send_Message This examples can work as basis for your application. For printers is more or less the same ID. but in message composer you need to compose the message acording to the printer protocol. In the example you will see you can choose the IP address of the device you will like to send the message. Please let us know if this works for you. If you need more help fell free to contact support at support@unitronics.com UniStream_070_TCP_Client_Server_Send_Message.ulpr
  18. Hi, can you please send a picture of the pastic clip if you still have it to support@unitronics.com Thank you.
  19. Hi Flex727. In the VIsion PLC HMI configuration, when selecting a Timer display variable you can choose to view the elaps time or the or the ramaining time. I think this is what you whant
  20. TT_ZX. You can connect to a UniStream PLC using VNC through a Computer, Smartphone (Android and Iphone) and a tablet runing Android, windows 8 or a Ipad. If the computer is in the same network as the UniStream there should be no problem. UniStream does not support wifi, you must connect the Unistrem to the wifi hub or switch with a ethernet cable.
  21. Hello Panagiwtis. First you need to to the linearization of the analog variable to numeric values in the units you whant to mesure (KW) To messure the energy in one hour you can use a timer that reset itself every hour. With the output of the timer you store the value of KW to a new memory register. In the HMI configurator of VisiLogic you have the option to add: a bargraph, meter, led bar. This graph you can link to the linearize value. To view the value you can use a numeric box and also link it to the linearize value. If you need more help you can write to support@unitronics.com
  22. Hello, Currently this option is not available in UniLogic. regards
  23. Hi greml1n. Please try downloading an empty application from UniLogic 1.7.62. Then dowload your application ones more.
  24. Hello Eduardo. In order to better help you we need the following information: Please can you tell us what version of software do you have trouble installing? Can you tell us you O/S? (win xp/ win vista/win 7/ win 8) What is exactly the error messages you are getting? Thank you
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