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  1. Dear sir,

    is it possible to install a new USB driver into tha Unistream PLC? It is a USB/RS232 convertor. They have a driver for Linux.

    I have to communicate with a measuring instrument via USB. This instrument works properly with their software on Windows, but not when I want to communicate with my PLC.

    I have the communication protocol, wich I follow litterly.


    Jan Slembrouck

  2. Dear Sir, Miss,

    I try to communicate via the Panel USB Port with a measuring device. All the settings are made conform the data of the device (TX/RX, 9600, 8, n, 1).

    Also the composing of the telegram (message) is conform the protocol ofthe device.

    The "Send Status" is every time -1. I can't find what the meaning is  in the help files. Please help.

    Kind regards

    Jan Slembrouck


  3. Hey,

    I am trying to connect an IO-Link master to a Unistream 7". I configured a Scanner node. Everything is going well, except when I try to configure the Configutation assembly, I am receiviong the "EthernetIP Connection Status Message": 0x0020. This message is not in the list (the list starts with 0x0100)

    I need some help, please.

    Kind regards.


  4. I need to communicate with 2 IO-Link masters via Ethernet/IP. The manufacturer of the IO-Link masters provides an EDS file for this devices. I don't find a possibility  to import them in to the configuration of the Ethernet/IP protocol (like I normal do for Canopen). Is there an other way?

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