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  1. Hello , I want to write data tables to SD card as ".csv" files. And i'm using 'Store DTI to File' Function for do that , but i have some issue when doing this, 'Store DTI to File' function gives me to change file format as ".csv" or ".udft" , because of that im using Memory Bit register for that spot ( marked as "F" in Fucntion block) . when i set that bit for store data table as ".csv" file , that function still store as ".udft" format . So is there anything which i'm missing for that function ? i tried that function without using any memory bit register for change file format, just set
  2. Hello , İ have Unistream plc , ( USP-104-B10 ) and i want to use web server function on this panel plc. My question is , i can draw a trend in ladder-hmi functions but i cant draw in web server function. Is there any way to draw trend in Web Server ? Web server has gauge functions are semillar with trend but not usefull for me. Is there any plug-in or something usefull for draw a trend . we already have web site which drawing trend. but we dont want to use pc for that, so if we can able to use this plc , it would be better. Best Regards.
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