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  1. Dear Gabriel, I understood what you meant, and yes I tried that example file but it does not work.. i dont know what to think.
  2. when I try to read a coil from my yaskawa.. this error occurs: No Communication The MODBUS session cannot be established. What can this error depend on? I set my yaskawa as Modbus slave..
  3. thank you Grabiel for your answer. but my project still doesn't work. I was wondering why you didn't use the Connect Socket (2) block on your project? The communication can not be established without that block... I guess so... kind regards, Matteo
  4. When I try to read a coil at address '00001' ( according to the modbus memory) %IX24560.0 in the yaskawa modbus memory, I always get a wrong value. I use the 502 and it should be the right port since I can read the value of some coils in yaskawa by using KEPserver. I set yaskawa as modbus slave device, so I cant understand what I am getting wrong, I initialized the socket 3 in the V350 following the webinars found on your website. At this point I dont know what to do, connecting two devices of the same type is really easy.. but connecting two devices from different competitors looks like a
  5. Dear alexander, Thank you for your help. For ethernet communication yaskawa has the port number 44818. The funny thing is I can not see that number in my slave devices list in the modbus configuration block. Anyway tomorrow I will do as you just told me, hoping that it's going to work. thank you again. Matteo
  6. this is what I have done so far. In the first TCP socket Init, I set the socket 2 and port 502( as default), and the second block I set the socket 0 and the port 20000 ( as default). Int the second modbus config, i set the Ip address of my yaskawa and the port 502 in the slave devices list. In the first Modbus config I havent set anything since it should be the socket 2 for the slave. In the connect socket 2 block , I set the remote port 502 and my yaskawa ip address. in the connect socket 0 block, I set the remote port 20000 and the yaskawa ip address. I still dont understand how these
  7. I am encountering several problems with my project. I am trying to connect a V 350 to a Yaskawa mp 2600 by using modbus protocol through ethernet. I was wondering what sockets must be initialized to establish a connection between these devices? Must I use socket 2? or socket 2 and socket 0? The master plc (v 350) could send a string to the yaskawa which responds sending a bit back to the V350. From the unitronics side I cant understand what address i should use to read a coil in yaskawa mp 2600. According to the modbus memory model ( found on yaskawa help) if I want to read a coil ( 100
  8. I have to do something similar but using a Yaskawa mp 2600 instead. Why did you connect 0-2 sockets?
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