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  1. Hello again ! I want to do this: I want to SET a variable number of MBs e.g. MI = 10 now i want to Set 10 MBs starting from MB140 how can this function be done ?! thank you very much in advance ... sorry for my low level skills
  2. yes i definitly have to look at indirect adressing ... i started with programming (beside some basic with c64 ) from zero when picking the v350 for our projects and just wanted to get it to work myself so i just did it with direct adressing .... which means much S line drawing in the nets anyway the product is finished this will take time time time :P:P
  3. well i have the situation comparing about 100 thermocouples status judged by the temperature in status of wrong wired, wrong polarity .... so function gets big ... so no way to expand to the right instead of using lines lines lines lines ?
  4. hello again ! why please why is the ladder net width so limited ??? i mean the graphical editor ... why cant the vertical slider be expanded to the right ??? (to create longer functions IN ONE ROW !) thank you again !
  5. OK THANK YOU VERY MUCH !!!! i have several 100s of MBs in use so Resetting them was allways a pain ;) learning by doing and asking thanks again
  6. humm ... i am using 8.0.1 build 0 and a V350 with VECTORFILL i cannot use MB it is not an option ;(
  7. thank you BUT with fill vector i cannot fill MBs (only MI,XI,ML,XL,DW,XDW) any work around ???? THANKS !!!
  8. yes and thank you ! e.g. i have MB 1-100 to reset ... is there a function to reset all at once or do i have to "manually" rest all one per one ?? thanks !!!!
  9. HELLO ! ... yes DIRECT COIL does the TRICK ... thank you for the help about power up options ... when i set a MB to Powerup option RESET ... isnt it supposed to RESET = 0 whenever i power off/on the PLC ????
  10. hello and HELP ... But what when MB1 or 2 or 3 isnt 1 anymore ... MB4 doesnt get Reset ... i need IF MB1 = 1 , MB2 = 1, MB 3 = 1 THEN MB4 = 1 ELSE MB4 = 0 so if e.g. MB1 turns from 1 to 0 MB4 needs to be reset to 0 !!! how can i achive thise funktion ??? please help
  11. hello ! thanks for the reply but thats not exactly what i want to do i think @pascal: your version allways resets MB4 each cyle and then sets it again so MB4 is allways changine ?! i need MB4 be allways stable on or off @fantasia83: your version ... conditional sub routine ? call a subroutine ? so when MB4 is set it calls the subroutine and then resets MB4 ... also not what i want to do !? i have 3 Bits ... if they are 1 i want to set Bit4= 1 ELSE Bit4 allways is 0 please help again thanks ! and another question: when i set Power Options for MB ... e.g. to RESET ... on my V350 the MB only gets set to REST when doing two power off/on cycles .... how comes ?????????????????
  12. Hello ! I am kinda new to programming the V350 and programming in general. I have following situation and cannot find a workaround ;( i have 3 MBs indicating a status and i want to have another MB set if e.g. BIT1,2 is Set and BIT0 is UnSet .... so IF MB1 + MB2 = 1 and MB3 = 0 THEN MB4 = Set ELSE MB4 = Unset how can i implement such a function ?? Thank you for your help in advance ... best regards .. Thomas
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