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  1. hello ! thanks for the reply but thats not exactly what i want to do i think

    @pascal: your version allways resets MB4 each cyle and then sets it again so MB4 is allways changine ?! i need MB4 be allways stable on or off

    @fantasia83: your version ... conditional sub routine ? call a subroutine ? so when MB4 is set it calls the subroutine and then resets MB4 ... also not what i want to do !?

    i have 3 Bits ... if they are 1 i want to set Bit4= 1 ELSE Bit4 allways is 0

    please help again ;) thanks !

    and another question: when i set Power Options for MB ... e.g. to RESET ... on my V350 the MB only gets set to REST when doing two power off/on cycles .... how comes ?????????????????

  2. Hello ! I am kinda new to programming the V350 and programming in general. I have following situation and cannot find a workaround ;(

    i have 3 MBs indicating a status and i want to have another MB set if e.g. BIT1,2 is Set and BIT0 is UnSet ....

    so IF MB1 + MB2 = 1 and MB3 = 0 THEN MB4 = Set

    ELSE MB4 = Unset

    how can i implement such a function ??

    Thank you for your help in advance ...

    best regards .. Thomas

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