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  1. Joe, This has been bothering me for a while, so I dug a little deeper. I found the actual problem I was having was that I had a column with Boolean data type labeled as a machine Mode On/Off. The front slash character was the culprit. The warning states which characters may be used. The front slash is not one of them. Looking at your table, I see #, and parentheses ( ), all of which are not allowed. When I shortened all of my column names to 8 characters or less, the front slash apparently got deleted when I did that, and the warning went away. Column length had nothing to do with it
  2. I have been using the PID server not to Autotune, but more as a monitor of my system as disturbances are entered. My next attempt is to use it to Autotune. I have autotuned dozens of times, but not while watching it on the PID Server. I have 2 questions: 1. What is the difference between Type A and Type B when selecting the Autotune Algorithm? The Help Menu does not mention anything about this. 2. Can I add operands to the listing (like Error Integral)? It doesn't appear to be possible.
  3. Joe, I saw this same thing a while back. I too thought I had lost my ability to count. If the names at the tops of the columns in the data table are over 8 characters, you will get the same error. Shorten the column names and the warning will go away. The wording on the warning needs to be changed.
  4. I attached a small portion of the Samba TA22 installation guide. My question is in regard to the battery for the 7-inch model, which I may be using on an upcoming project. The 3.5 and 4.3 inch models indicate the battery is already installed, but the 7 inch does not indicate that it is installed. Does this imply that a battery is included with the unit but I have to install it myself? Or do I have to supply my own battery? I was unable to find the battery number in the installation guide.
  5. Thanks to you both for answering. I converted MI to MF, then divided by 1000 and used INV(A+B/n) to the break the result into two MIs. Then displayed the two MIs side-by-side with just enough space to allow the text object comma between them. I have not tested it yet, but I think it might work. Also defined a Hide bit for the comma if the original number is less than 1000. The comma is not a requirement for my program, it just seems natural to have it in the display. Personal preference. In all of my other HMI programming software packages, selecting a comma is as simple as checking a che
  6. I have a 5-digit number to view on a Samba unit. Displaying the value is no problem, but I can't figure out how to put a simple comma in the thousands position. The numeric variable does seem to have that option. If I try to place a text object (with only an apostrophe) on top of the numeric variable in the correct location, the software automatically puts it behind the numeric variable where it won't be seen. Does anybody have any ideas for displaying a comma as part of a number?
  7. Not a big deal, but I'm pretty sure there is a typo error in the STRUCT Help topic. The Help menu image shows MI102 broken out into more than 16 bits. The function block shows a length of 10 associated with MB10, so I assume MI102 would be broken out into MB10 through MB19. Would that be correct? The image shows 32 bits possible (blue rectangle), and below it MB10 through MB32, which is obviously not a length of 10. Out of curiosity, in this example, would MB10 be the most significant or least significant bit of MI102?
  8. I went to download Technical Specifications for the Vision Series- V430-J-TA24 and got the following No File error. I tried several times and got the same error.
  9. I created an Ascii Variable. When I select the Keypad Entry box, the Touch property area becomes grayed out. I enter the necessary links and select OK. Then I reopened the variable and de-select the Keypad box, the Touch property area is now available (not grayed out). When I OK the variable, I get a message that contradicts what I just described. Which way is it supposed to be?
  10. The Vector Get Max instruction example in the Help shows a Length of 10. But the illustration has 11 elements. Does the Start element not count as part of the 10 elements? Or should the Length be set at 11 for this example? Note: The Vector: Get Min also shows a length of 10, but has 11 elements in the example. I use the Vector Copy instruction, and the Start element is included as part of the copy.
  11. When I went to attach a file to my post, I was told it was too big. I am limited to 136 bytes. How do I get this number increased? I see other posts with multiple 40kB attachments, yet why am I so limited? Am I on someone's bad list?
  12. Is this still being developed for use with Enhanced PLCs?
  13. I have some V350--35-TA24s that are giving me fits. I set the jumpers, download the program, and all appears to be OK except for a compile warning 987 INCOMPATIBLE HARDWARE CONFIGURATION DEFINITIONS: BETWEEN PROJECT (V350-35-TA24) & PLC (V350-35-XXXX) It appears that the OS does not recognize what PLC it is running. If I go into INFO mode -> VERSION -> HARDWARE -> IO MODEL it shows V350-35-XXXX. I'm using Version 9.4.0 and the PLC has OS 3.6(14) which is the most recent OS. These units is in RUN mode, but do not recognize inputs, and are basically useless to me like this. Some
  14. Thanks for spending your time tracking down the problem and pointing me to that topic. I'm not sure how I missed it, since I visit the forum almost every day. I have been using the same USB-serial convertor since I started using Visilogic back in 2008 and hadn't seen the error shown above until I downloaded/installed version 9.4.0. Although I do remember getting a "has encountered an error and needs to close" message at times in the past while monitoring the PLC. Perhaps those are related to the same cause. I tried Online mode with and without the power adaptor attached to the computer. I g
  15. I get the attached error occasionally when in Online mode and monitoring my program and then get booted out. Any idea what it means and what causes it?
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