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  1. Hi I using v570 i have some buttons on screen but how i can change look when was clicked or selected user know abut that.....
  2. Is possible validate when user click on buttton esc when alarms is show , we have SB351 but i don't know if there is another to validate when user touch ESC button. thanks.
  3. Hi friends some body knows how many times complete the loop on plc, i do n't know if is 10 miliseconds each loop.
  4. I don't know how to put values on library to change the text on buttons , i have to display one is english and other is spanish but i would like when user click on change the display plc keep that as default display when turn off the plc.....
  5. Ho w i can put a display and show as default default display when user select a idiom spanish or english and iven if i restar de plc or turn if going back to display can be possible. thanks.
  6. Hello friends how i can put a coeunter in my program , just simple counter when received active input 15. not counter like high speed, simple increase each time input 15 is active. thanks.
  7. Thanks for your replay and going to implement the options your talking about , I don't know how to work with subroutine called when some event happen or how to have a subroutine running always like the application is running as one routine. On help i don't see something about that for that i feel confuse. thanks to all.
  8. I have a project but going big and the ladder send me error code exceed limit so i separate in subrutins but now the activation coils doesnt work some sample to do that or how i can check if the subrutine is ejecuting or not.
  9. Thanks for replay , I change the program and now is working.
  10. I am working an project but i got a error after made some changes : subrutine ladder code exceed limit , split to solve Net 1 how many rags can have in subrutine 162
  11. I have making app for plc v570 but for some reason direct store dont get value as you can see everything is good but i don't understand why don't assign the value if i make some error can you explaing me pls. in the image you can see on net 96 the value is assigned but in 97 must change the value an cont change nothing.
  12. Thanks for replay i going to play with and after i done i going to upload the sample...for some body else
  13. i have 3 buttoms . RUN 100 MTS RUN 200 MTS RUN 300 MTS how i can display a text with RUNNING 100 MTS , RUNNING 200 or RUNNING 300 MTS can be possible.
  14. Well here in my sample as i told i can get show the alarm but i dont get jump to main display after i click to time on esc in two deiferents despplay but i wanna back to main screen just puch buttom to jump or one esc button, i dont know if i hae to update visilogic i have 9.7.9 and plc v570. thanks for your help.
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