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  1. Hello everyone, I would like to creat one function in my application to each new shift of work could be copy from table datas to SD in format of table in excel. How to use this function SD utility- write Data Table to SD? Could you help me improve my appliation with this function? Thank you for now, Nildo
  2. Dear Gentlemen I'm working with V1210, logging 8 parameters; date, time, an MI(reading as Produto) and more 05 value. on line view of the date table is all good, all 8 columns are logged, and row wise. My problem is writing to the sd card, to the csv format. in 3 shifts of 8 hours each where each finished shift store one file and start other file separeted. I would like could be in rows per rows each time too. Any help is much appreciated. Thanks
  3. Dear colleagues and collaborators, first of all thank you for the exchange of ideas and notes (of all). But unfortunately I continue without progressing to my project. I understand that it is not in the complex but I am having difficulty continuing because I have a low level of knowledge for some complex functions. Seems to be an easy programming but I'm not getting any further. I'm being honest, too. If you need receive my file please contact me in email jnildocosta@hotmail.com until I get attached my file(>0,12MB) in this topic. Thank you for now Nildo New project with 2 v1210 follow :
  4. Yes, yes, if possible help me with this function in my project. Best regards Nildo
  5. Friends, I am not getting to make a collection of my process data using DATAXPORT software involving two devices v1210, (named them in D1 and D2) where D1 is in the collection of data (in your) and D2 this on my table job. D1 stores the values in its internal table and coming in 1000 and returned lines will begin to overlap, Currently these values I can only collect locally. This not this good because not always be in D1 at the moment that ends the table rows. I would using a CAN connection (available) to read / write values D1 D2 and automatically store this data in D2 in a excel spreadsheet (.xls file). collecting data is always ML to ML (then should I use the function STRUCT, but I'm still confused on how to use this function). I would like to ideas and suggestions if possible to improve my project. Best regards, Nildo
  6. Hi Ofir, Fristly thank for return and help me. Do you have a simple example between two devices for me start to use? If Yes, could you send me files please. I am using two v1210 to communicate. Best regards,
  7. Hi Ofir, Fristly thank for return and help me. Do you have a simple example between two devices for me start to use? If Yes, could you send me files please. I am using two v1210 to communicate. Best regards,
  8. Friends, I have a counter currently in a V350 and would like to migrate to a v1210 ( counter=slave ) that will communicate with another v1210 ( Master= in my desk ) . Only dispose of canbus connection between them. I am designing in collecting the slave and online collect values ​​for the master(store). Question- in the example of communication only transmission of MI and not ML , Am I right? Thank for all future help
  9. Hi Joe, please when possible return me. Thank you for now Nildo
  10. Thank you for answer Joe. I am using right now a [V1210]+[v200-18-ex3xb] for test of read value direct of counter(Sensor 5 pin Visolux LT63/70b). Fist step is read value correct of counter. But in future I will use [V1210]+[v200-18-ex3xb] connected network Canbus with [EX-RC1]+[iO-DI8-TO8]. Email again. Meus cumprimentos, Nildo
  11. Hi Joe, All sign pulse come to pin k1 (B70-encoder). One go to S7-300 and other go to convertor frequency (1:2) that go to input cartoon. I believe that CPU need only of a pulse of reference to obtain gross counter. And for calculate result value of count liquid. Please check more detail in your personal email. Thank you for now. Nildo
  12. All value comes from k1(encoder) gross counter.and i believe liquid is formule. How to use a counter with HSC for this application? Tk you. Nildo
  13. Hi friends, i have an counter that it have been fail in count of our machine through signal pulse of encoder. i want to use it (v1210) for measure the number of product that go out of machine of press. I need of values of: liquid counter gross counter reset both and accumulated Anybody have idea about this application then please learn me. Best regards, Nildo
  14. Hi everyone, If possible help me with my communication between one v1210 and expansion ex-rc1+IO-D16A3+TO16+IO-ATC8. I don`t get communcation with digital inputs after 9 button and 168 button of output. example ttached. Best regards, Nildo whatsapp +55 91 992140428 v1 EX-RC1 with Digital IO-DI16A3-TO16 and ATC8.VLP v2 PLC for EX-RC1 with IO-DI16A3-TO16 and ATC8.VLP
  15. please help me using wire a same sensor ultrasonic that have output 4-20mA
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