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  1. Hi all I'm using v280 with IO-RO16 to drive the solinoid valve 220vac 11.5VA 28sets butI'm not sure the rc snubber value should be? please advise the simple value or simle calculation,thank you
  2. I'm using represent mode of load cell with raw data, please advise me 1. What is the maximum of A2D? 2.Are these raw data same as between difference capacity of load cells(15kg,30kg)
  3. I'm using V280 with Visilogic 9.8.64 build0 I have the simple formula A(ML)x1=B(MF), I try A=2147483647 but the output = 2.147484E+9 why it's not 2.147483647E+9 because in the manual said maximum MF range is 3.402E37 Please advise, thank you.
  4. ^^Yes I use this way at the time, thank you. ^^ My Visilogic doesn't has this feature(my visi is 9.8.31 build0), please advise
  5. When I place the key entry on the HMI and then (First time)First variable(variable10) would be SI250=0 (Second time)Second(variable11) variable would be SI250=1 (Third time)Third(variable12) variable would be SI250=2 ...something like that But I want to re-order the variable again to (variable12) going to be SI250=0 (variable10) going to be SI250=1 (variable11) going to be SI250=2 Is it possible? Please advise.
  6. Dear All I using V280, in HMI when I put the variable(key entry) on the HMI, the SI250 will automatically numbering. So, do I want to re-order SI250 again? Thank you
  7. Hi all I'm using EXF-RC15 with PTO function, I need to control stepper motor with speed range 0.008-0.4hz so I want to clearify 1. how to set "Unit" and "Pulses per Unit" in PTO config, and what meaning of these parameters 2. What is relation of "Unit" and "Pulses per Unit" in PTO config and "Velocity" and "target" in PTO move Thank you
  8. Hi All Thank you for every body, I have tried clear the current position(in PTO Read Status) but I couldn't. Any body know how to do it, please advise.
  9. I have more question, Can I mix PWM and PTO together? for example, in the normal case I use PTO if I want PWM I stop PTO and use PWM.
  10. Hi I'm using the EXF-RC15 and I think I will use PTO feature but there is one task in the process need to run continuously(without target) and stop by user keys(master PLC in CANbus). Please let's me know or give me some advice, thank you.
  11. Hi I have using V280 for 2years. I want to try on OPC server(with LabVIEW, if possoble) with this model. Please advise how to start and what program do I need to installed Thank you
  12. Hi, I have one application need 3 channels high speed output for driving stepping motors, please advise which model can solve the problem? Note. normally I use V280 and snap IO for two channels. Thank you.
  13. Hi all, I'm using v280 and my PID input is 4-20mA (-60-60c),setpoint is degree c, output is 0-5v. Please advise the limit cv,pv what should they are? Thank you.
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