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  1. I have a Visual Basic 2008 (and use UnCmDrv1.dll) I can read and write O, I, MB, and MI. but when i try to read T og ML it will not work, and i got this message: SafeArrayTypeMismatchException was unhandled here is a bit of code: Dim iMI() As Short Dim iMB() As Byte Dim iML() As Long Dim iOut() As Byte ReDim iOut(14) Call mComDriver.Read_Outputs(0, 14, iOut, 2) 'OK work ReDim iMI(1) Call mComDriver.Read_MemIntegers(601, 1, iMI, 1) 'OK Work ReDim iMI(1) Call mComDriver.Read_TimersCurrent(6, 1, iMI, 1) 'don't work ReDim iML(1
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