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  1. Thanks for reply, Joe, The thing is we need a solution without protocol (such as Modbus that requires additional programming) between one end and another i.e. instead of control cables that goes let's say from push button to contactor, we want to solve that with remote I/O modules like we have direct connection (connect push button to PLC I/O and contactor to remote I/O). If i'm right URB-TCP and EX-RC1 allows that. If you suggest ethernet (URB-TCP) I think we'll stick to that solution. Thank you!
  2. Good day, We have a project in existing plant. Now there is one main control cabinet with lots of on/off switches and etc. (no PLC) and lots of control cables goes to different objects (I/O devices such as remote switches and etc.). We want to eliminate those control cables in such way: build new control cabinet on one side of plant with Unistream OPLC and I/O modules and one control cabinet with remote I/O adapter and I/O modules. There are two choices - 1. to lay optical cables (two in separate trays for reservation in order one fails (rats and etc.)) and use remote ethernet I/O adapter URB-TCP with I/O modules or 2. lay cables for CANbus communication and use EX-RC1 with I/O modules. What option is more reliable? Thank you in advance.
  3. Good day, I have a question: SI103..106 sockets 0..3 TCP/IP Keep alive integers. Since V700 has 8 sockets, which Keep alive integers are for sockets 4..7? Thank you.
  4. Thanks for the quick feedback, Joe! Attached information about magnitude All the infomation I'm reading is INT32.
  5. Hi all, I use US5-B10-TR22 to read data from Modbus slaves. Technical documentation of slaves gives such information (see attached picture). Could someone tell if in US5 is the same byte order (didn't find that information). As for now everything looks OK, but I'm afraid that there could be a problem when there will be large numbers accumulated. Thank you in advance.
  6. Thanks, Joe, Yes, it would be great to hear some information how PLC sorts this under the hood. Because if you need to use "Active" bit to make sure everything goes in order, then this "periodic" feature has no sense..
  7. Hi, all, Some update: after some experimenting and reading, I found that tried to use not right approach - I tried to do separate struct for each of slaves with all the variables I need to read. So there were 37 operations with every slave. Then I used an arrays of INT32 (electricity metter gives information that way). Since in one operation metters can give 50 words (and I need 50 INT32's pf which 47 are consecutive), I ended up with 3 operations - 1st for 25 INT32, 2nd for 22 INT32 and 3rd for last 3 INT32. With periodic, when there are 2 operations it works flawless, but when there are 3 operations and set for every period 1000ms, there are problems (dropped increments). Then I set different times in every period and it helped. Could someone give more detailed explanation what this time setting in "every period" means? And how exactly PLC does read/write of the slaves according these settings? Because when looking to sessions counter, it looks like it goes simultaneously. With 2 slaves (I have on my desktop) it works just fine, hope everything will be ok with all 8.
  8. Good evening, all, I have a project where UniStream US5 controller with RS485 port is used to read data from 8 electricity meters. These are exactly the same model and parameters quantity and type also the same. I thought about making a struct for one meter with all variables needed and then copy and change struct name so I don't have to enter each of these variables for each meter. But there's no way to copy struct in UniLogic. Maybe someone of you has done something like this and can share some advice? One more thing: since no special logic needed, I'm planning to use PLC Communication Modbus Master's dialog to add slaves, enter all required data variable (about 50 each meter) and use toggle bit for each of the meter. I wonder if it's the best way to do this, because I need to read about 50 variables from each of slaves. Your thoughts about this would be highly appreciated. Thank you in advance.
  9. Hi, everybody, We have strange situation - we prepared Jazz PLC (JZ20-J-T40) for local boiler room control and for data collection to BMS system (for that we configured Jazz as a slave with JZ-RS4 comm module (RS-485)). BMS was made by other company(they used Schneider SmartX controller AS-P). They get all the information, but in our cabinet all LED pilot lights and LED indication lights of relays that connected to PLC's outputs are flickering. If we disconnect modbus cable, everything is fine. When connect back - LEDs flickers. BMS company (their modbus cable) says the cable is fine, properly grounded and etc. What could be the cause of that strange behaviour and what could we do to prevent that? Thank you!
  10. Maybe I expressed myself wrong - I mean I used SMS send routine from given UNIlogic example and used it several times for different alarm state. Maybe I've done it wrong and when several occure at the same time, not all messages are sent. Maybe there is some example where is shown how several messages are sent right way?
  11. Everything went fine - all system works as it should. Old PLC's touchscreen is not working: when checked through SI, X coordinate when touched shows 0, Y coordinate changes accordingly. PLC itself works fine. I wonder if there is possibility to replace touchscreen?
  12. One more question: if I have a copy of my old program, should I do these steps like saving .vlp and operand descriptions from old PLC? Maybe I could just export PLC operands, then write my program to new PLC and import these operands?
  13. Hi everybody, We have UniStream controller running application and modem for sending SMS alarm messages. Each alarm has it's own bit, that enables SMS send routine (from example library with operator string, now we have 3 operator's phone numbers). Now after some time we noticed that sometimes messages are not sent. Seems like there is problem when several alarms occur at same time. Maybe someone has suggestion how we could sort this issue? Thank you.
  14. Good morning, Aus, Thank you for your super quick answer. I think I'll give it a try. Now going to site. Will get back to you later and post the results Thank you very much!
  15. Hi, everybody, Our customer called this morning. Problem is: V570 was spilled with water (boiler room application). After some time it proposed to calibrate screen. Customer's technicians tried to do that, but now screen shows information, but touchscreen doesn't work. Is there any way to recalibrate it or any other way to make it work? We could change V570 itself, we have one spare, but in the old one couple of PID loops (tuned) works, lots of entered constants - is there any way to copy all that information to a new one V570 so we won't need to retune PID's and reenter information? Thank you in advance!
  16. Hi, All, Is there a possibility to switch off alarm sign (bell icon) from screen when there are no active alarms (green))? It's a good feature, but it would be great if there was possibility to control appearance of it. Thank you.
  17. Hi, Darknesspic, Try to delete them from HMI and place back in order you need.
  18. Hi, Flex727, Not so much code on PLC side, only initializing COM port and ScanEx. As I said, Modbus testers work well, and when I'm trying InTouch, there Rx is incrementing on COM port, but Tx not. So I think PLC gets polls but not answers to them..
  19. Good day, Can't get to work my application.. I have a V350 PLC connected through GPRS modem as TCP/serial converter and InTouch scada on the other side. Tried DASMBTCP v1.0 and v3.0 and can't get any value from PLC. Modbus Poll (software) and other modbus TCP testers work well. Doing DAServer and Access name configuration according manual, but no success. What could be wrong?
  20. Good day, We have Scada software where data from PLC's is taken by Unitronics PCOM prtocol. When PLC's are on LAN or connected via serial - everything is fine. Is it possible to collect data with GPRS modem (SIM card with static IP address) using it as TCP serial converter? It works when we use it as Modbus TCP to serial cobverter (but our SCADA software don't support). Can't get to work it with PCOM (transparrent TCP to serial coverter).. Any suggestion (maybe I need to do some special settings on modem) would be appreciated. Modem is GENEKO GWR202. Thank you.
  21. Thanks for reply, Cara! See those HMI in attachment below - those images are sooo good.. It would be extremely nice if you could help me! Cheers!
  22. Hi, everybody, I have a plan to do some greenhouse automation system for myself. On Unitronics upcomming event's notification on facebook saw a very nice greenhouse interface. Is there any way to get those images? Thank you!
  23. Good morning, We have a V1040 PLC with attached Cinterion M66i GSM modem. It must send SMS to 1-5 personel. There's a separate window to put in telephone numbers ( to assigned MI's that are assigned to phone book). We put 3 numbers (2 left blank) and strange things happen - sometimes all 3 numbers get SMS, sometimes just 2 of the, sometimes 1. Tried to init (prepare) modem with different AT commands several times, but it seems like a problem is with V1040 and not with modem. Tried to put in all 5 numbers, but result is the same - sometimes we get all 5 SMS, sometimes 1, sometimes 2... The 1st phone number gets all the time, but the rest sometimes get sometimes not. What is the problem? Thank you!
  24. Good morning, We have a v570 PLC running on site for about 6years, controlling el. actuator (steam-water) by set temperature. Something happened and it began to work very bad - tmperature is too low or too high. In case we don't have posibility t check this matter on site, we gave a password to PID parameter window and suggested to check if it's OK with P,I,D variables. So the matter is: 1. After they tried PID autotune it done about 10 cycles and calculated souch parameters P: -0.3%, I: -0.2%, D: 2s. The control was not good. After repeated autotuning it calculated the same parameters. Question: why there are negative values? We suggested customer to tune PID manually. Then.. 2. After some manual tuning it was pretty OK, but then some colegue pushed an autotune button again, they tried to stop it and now seems like PID block is hanged up - after reseting PLC, PID status shows autotune is running, but CV value is not changing. How to reset PID block? Thank you!
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