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  1. Good day, everybody, Never been in such situation before: communicating with Omron PLC's. To minimize number of modbus operations Omron programmer gives us information about control bits in 16-bit registers. We are reading and storing them in Unitronics 16-bit registers (MI). But now came thought that Vision MI max value is 32767(in case 15 of control bits are set to 1). But if all 16 bits are set, then value becomes 65535. All messed up in the head.. Vision is using signed 16bit registers and Omron unsigned, I think. Do we have to use DW or ML variables in such case? Thank you for help.
  2. Works like a charm! Thank you very much! What I did wrong in my code, was that I didn't reinitialized Modbus TCP configuration block every time whne changed IP address and played only with socket connect-disconnect blocks. Now its clear where the problem was
  3. Good day, Due to lack of ethernet sockets (v570) we need to set up modbus TCP communication with 2 Omron PLC's through the same socket. When connecting separately all works fine, but can't figure out principle to get them work together.. Tried different ways: after configuration, there is command to connect socket to one of PLC's IP (indirect IP and port), then after some time there is command to close socket and to connect to another IP. Nothing happens, conection to only one IP. Maybe something wrong with timing or connect socket commands. Maybe someone could share working example how to organize such connection that would be fast and robust. Thank you in advance. Happy hannukah
  4. Hi, Ofir, You were absolutely right I forgot about watch window... Thank you very much !
  5. Good day, Opened an old project and try to use for new system. Some of ladder and HMI content erased, erased operands not referenced in project, but there is strange thing: some of MI in output window are showing with descriptions and there are check marks (in use). When clicking right mouse button and selecting "find...", shows "search is complete. the are no results to display". I don't get it what's wrong? I deleted ladder and HMI content with these variables and now there are none of them in project, but why they are shown as in use? Please help.. Thank you.
  6. Many thanks, Walkerok and Simon, I had some thoughts about pressure control (because it's main variable) and correcting it in some limits according to temperature. Simon's comments really helped to sort things Thank you!
  7. Thank you, Keith, It is closed loop ( see attached drawing ) heating system. Now, as our customer wanted, we control pump (with VFD) to keep constant pressure on return (user chooses to keep constant set manually or variable setpoint according outside temperature). It is not problem with pressure, system works fine. But now customer want to keep constant temperature on return while keeping pressure in desirable limits (set manually i.e. MIN - 3bar MAX - 5bar). Still can't figure it out how to do it better..
  8. Good day, We have a heating system (closed loop) with boiler and circulation pump with frequency converter (on return). The task is to maintain constant t-re (on return) while keeping pressure in users desirable limits. Maybe someone had similar task and could share his oppinion about control method? Thank you in advance!
  9. Hi, everybody, We have application where v570 PLC controls process and is connected to PC via ethernet (remote operator). On PLC side, when there's an alarm it plays sound (PLC's buzzer). Is there anyway to do that on PC? I mean when alarm occurs to sound PC's buzzer or play a sound through speakers. Thank you!
  10. Good day, PLC worked without problems till we installed athernet card. Couple times a week it gets fatal error. Ethernet card is used only for remote operator. Today I noticed: when power up PLC, after some time ethernet card gets critical error (communication is still going): CRITICAL ERROR RESET PLC SDW39 4352 After reset and some time CRITICAL ERROR RESET PLC SDW39 256 Could it be because of wrong ethernet mask setting? and could make PLC fatal errors? Thank you.
  11. Thank you, Simon, very much! I had a thought about signal separator and now I will surely use it
  12. Good day, Messed up a little bit.. There's V280 with IO-AI4-AO2 and signal from Masstrol MFC 4-20mA, sink. Never dealed with sink analog aoutput before. How should I connect it to IO4-AO2? As I think: +24V from MFC to AI (I) and 0V (sink) to AI (COM). The one thing that bothers: how it will work if all COM's are internally connected?
  13. Thank you, Emil, Very helpful - as always I will go there next week and will try your suggestion!
  14. Thank for quick anwer, As I mentioned: program went good couple of months. Then something happened with ethernet connection (ethernet card was stopped, SDW39 showed error status in info mode). After RESET, all was good. But then begun fata errors. I still think that it's something with communications.. Is there possibility to tell the exact reason by these error messages I wrote?
  15. Good day, We have deaerator control system where used V570 with ETHERNET card (PLC always conected with Unitronics remote access software). As we started application, all was well, but after couple of month, now we have fatal error screen several times a week. The information on screen told me local supervisor: V290/B570(T20B) O.S. (STOP MODE-FATAL ERROR) 003.004.25 November 27, 2011 9:56 ---------------------------------------------- ENUM: 0x0001100 00000000 IP: 0x0007043A 0007766A LDR: 0x0000017A DESC: ILLEGAL WORD OPERATED ACCESS STATUS: IDLE © COPYRIGHT BY UNITRONICS Maybe someone coul tell what may be the cause of that fatal error? We assigned IP address to Ethernet card that was free at the moment we were installing PLC. Could this fatal error be if they for example bought new computer and used same IP address as PLC's? Thank you very much and looking forward to solve this issue asap..
  16. Hello, everybody, Here's a little question about Modbus RTU: we are using V120 as modbus master to 3 devices. On visilogic we have one modbus configuration and three subroutines for each slave (6..10 read-write steps for each). When all the slaves are online, all is good, but when one or more slaves are offline (due some problem) we have a time lag for the other slaves. Maybe someone could share som thoughts how to keep other slaves data update when some of them are offline? Thank you very much!
  17. Had one v570 PLC on the table, decided to try to connect to it through RS485-ETHERNET converter and as I said there were delays when loading displays. Tried on different baud rates till maximum allowed (115200) The same result..
  18. Thank you, Simon! Between PLC1 and PLC2 we have 4-wire shielded cable and between PLC2 and PLC3 3-wire shielded cable. Maybe we ask to replace 3-wire cable to 4-wire cable and use one pair for modbus and one pair for Remote Operator (the length between PLC's ~100m). Another bothering thing is the speed of Remote Operator..When display is loaded - all is good, but going to another display takes a while (when there's more graphic 30s and more)What could we do to speed it up? We do use Remote Operator file (don't remember extension) for graphic and fonts.
  19. Hi,Everybody, We have at the plant a modbus rtu network (RS485) of 3 PLC (V570), where one is master and other two are slaves. We planned to do another RS485 network for Remote Operator connection (we have RS485 to Ethernet converter), but organisation that laid cables misunderstood and now we have one Modbus RTU network. Question is: if we connect our RS485 to ethernet converter in that network will it be possible to connect to PLC's through Remote Operator? We have all 2 ports free on each PLC (one of them for Modbus). Thank you!
  20. Hi, lezalex, The problem is with the net9 of main routine, where you use SB30 to reset main counter. You need to add some logic (to use same net but only when supervisor's screen active or maybe use compare block: when supervisors entered password is = supervisor's password). because now, when you enter variable on any screen, sb30 resets main counter.. Hope it helped! Good day!
  21. Good day, Couple of days ago had an issue with Cinterion GSM modem: V570 controlls a steam boilers feed water and deaerator. Done some alarm SMS and one status message for myself (when I send "status" to V570 it send me back information about process) The issue was when I changed SMS configuration file and forgot to reboot PLC. Then, when I send a message for status, PLC hanged up (there was a black screen with error message) It was good that I was near. Then after reboot it worked fine, but now I'm afraid to use this feature because don't want PLC to hang again because steam is for production line and it's hard for personnel to start boiler after stopping and theres over 100km to go to that plant.. Yesterday sent several messages, everything was fine, but today one time PLC did't respond. Called to plant asked to go to PLC to see if everything's fine: it all looked good. So question: why in souch case PLC don't responded? Is it normal? Can't calm myself..
  22. Hi, As Joe said "A power failure will not cause loss of the program." Just wanted to add - if the battery is installed, otherwise it will
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