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  1. Hello, Is it necessary for PLC's to be in the same LAN for ModBus TCP/IP communication? we need to get communication between two PLC's (v350 and v570 with ethernet cards) which are connected to different public IP addresses. So if we do some port forwarding to internal IP's would this work? Thank you!
  2. Good day, Emil, Yesterday played a bit with PID, logged data with PID server, but in the end of the day my laptop (left for some time..) hybernated and when came back PID server crashed and all the data gone.. So I have nothing to show.. Good news is that all went well and now PID works good. Although, there's one thing that bothers me:when changing SP a large step (for example valve CV 50% and when SP lowered CV becomes 0%) valve closes to 0% but there is some wave of CV near the end I mean CV 0% valves positinion goes to 0% and near the end CV 16% then 4% then0% (like some wave). It made a valve to go crazy couple of times.. I think it's not of the sygnal, but of the PID. All, except this issue, works well. (PID parameters P-50.0; I-27; D-37.)
  3. Hi, I think in your code everything is OK, you just needed to write 2nd net as 1st and 1st as 2nd (switch places-sorry for my english:)) then it would work.
  4. Good day, We got heating unit where v570 controls the condensate boiler (temperature PID loop). First issue was, that when we started to tune the unit, heating system was closed, left working only hot water boilers, so it's small contour. Because of that, PLC couldn't finish PID autotune process, because system heats up quickly and temperature after second wave, stays above setpoint very long time.. So we tuned it manually. The question is: beacause of the same reason (fast heating up) PID block status shows integral wind-down message (when there's no hot water usage). What should we do about it? Is there a chance that because this wind down the integral error will accumulate and PID block stops working? Should we use force integral error block to reset this error? if so, when it would be best to do this? Or maybe someone could share better solution? Thank you!
  5. Thanks again, Keith! It's relly helpfull! Can you suggest any product on PC side?
  6. Hi, Quick question: is there any way to show two or more trends in one display? For example to show setpoint and real value?
  7. Hello, everybody, Maybe someone had done building management system with BACnet protocol and could share what product used or recommend some (SCADA software, protocol converters for communication with Unitronics and other PLC's, servers etc.) ? We are planning to start new project and some advices from the field could be very usefull. Thank you!
  8. Good day, I'm doing project with Vision V120. Now I have done ~100HMI displays and when downloading to PLC I get warning (203): "The size of this project prevents the Upload data from being downloaded to the PLC. Therefore, this project will not be able to be uploaded." Why i get this warning and what does it mean?
  9. Thank you, Emil ! I already done it: increased I time and decreased D so that PID was slower and worked without fluctuations. But I would apreciate advise about setting dead band for the future
  10. Hi, again Here's new question: I have IO-AI4AO2 and using it's AO for valve control (PID). Is there a need to do some dead band or linearize PID CV straightly to AO (819..4095)? I'm afraid if there will be fast PID, valve can go a little bit crazy..
  11. Hello! WALKEROK: I know how to make animated pictures (with image by pointer), the question was about OVERLAPPING (when picture changes, there is some view of older image) HIGHTECH: That was the answer I was looking for! I noticed, that this happens not with all images, but didn't knowed why.. Thank you very much
  12. Hi, everybody, Please excuse me if such question been asked before, but maybe someone could share a workaround of showing animated picture (for example V350 or v570)? When it's done via binary picture - all is good, but when it's done via list of images (MI) - these images are overlapping one another.. Tried to |p| SB31 at every change of MI, then it's good but screen is flickering ..
  13. Based on latest news, there's gonna be ~80 points MODBUS RTU (RS485) and ~5 LON works points. So, I think, it will be best to place LON-MODBUS converter and work within MODBUS net
  14. Hello, everybody, We are planning a project with Unitronics and LON works network (~80 points) Maybe somebody could share his oppinion about hardware we could use.. Thank you in advanse!
  15. Then what we should do when it will die (I think it happened already)? Change whole PLC?
  16. Hi, Is Jazz battery replaceable? And if so, how it's done? Maybe there is some manual for this? Thank you!
  17. Here's a picture of alarm description in Visilogic and what is seen on PLC screen:
  18. Hi, Moses, I'm using v9.3.0, O/S updated to recent.. Another interesting thing: when I connect to PLC through remote operator software, all alarms descriptions on PC looks good, but on PLC screen only first line is full, from secon line's middle there no text.. Tried to do shorter description (25 symbols on each line) - the same thing.. (on v350 too). Any suggestions?
  19. Hi, everyone! Got little problem with visilogic's alarms: when alarm occurs and we enter a description window, there shows not full description, but one and a half line. The same thing was with v350 ant now with v570. Maybe someone had such problem?
  20. Hello, I've got a question: done internet page according to manual (reading and writing values). when I load page, everything seems OK, values are changing when refreshing page. but when I write value (through SUBMIT as shown on manual), value changes accordingly, but it writes every time I refresh page. Where did I go wrong? Thank you!
  21. Thank you, R.Mozes. Visilogic downloaded new OS, I installed it to PLC, but nothing changed.. Even if I tried to change the colour of background, no contrast..
  22. One more thing.. When upgraded V350 to v9.3 new operating system, somethung happened with its colours.. It seems all the colours are a bit lighter and sharpness is gone.. When there was older operating system everything were fine. What happened? Is there any way to fix it?
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