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  1. Hi, How long does it usually takes PID to autotune? And is it necessary to connect plc to process to do PID autotune? I have PLC on my desk and just for curiosity started PID autotuning, status =0, so just interesting: is it calculating something or nothing happens..
  2. Hi, Joe, You are right, linear equation I think is will be the best way:) Now I need to figure it out how to make SP change only if outdoor temperature changes by 1 degree, because measurement is by 0.1C
  3. Good evening, I want to ask for advice: now programming heating system, where in MANUAL mode user enter temperature SP (flow temperature) and in AUTO mode user picks (sets) heating curve (attached), and SP changes automatically according outdoor temperature. My question is: I need to "programm" these curves in v570. I have an idea to use datatables where I set assosiations for flow temperature (SP) with outdoor temperature for each curve for example with resolution of 0.5 C (outdoor temperature). Maybe someone has done something similar before, and have some sugestion how else it could be done? Thank you very much! V.S.
  4. Yeah, it's good to tell.. edit in MS Paint:) If it were black/white PLC, then it would be no problem, because I've done it many times. You should try to edit colour images (those in unitronics images folder) with MS Paint.. It's lots of work and time.. But if there's no other way...
  5. Hi, Saragani, I'm programing v570. So how about it? Is there any other way to rotate text or image on HMI? Help!
  6. Hello, Everybody, Simple question: how to rotate text or images on HMI in visilogic? Recently updated to version v8.6.1, but neither in other versions nor in the new one I can't find a tool for rotation. Looked in HELP, there are written: Rotate HMI Element"Select an HMI element, then click the Rotate icon on the HMI toolbar; the image rotates by 90°. Note that there must be sufficient space for the element to rotate." But there's no such icon on a HMI toolbar.. Can someone explain this to me? Thank you!
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