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  1. Hello, This probably isn't as elegant of a solution as you are looking for, but you can turn your ladder code into a PDF and search for text in the comments that way. Just go to print and save as a pdf, then hit cntrl - F and type what you want to find in the search. You could also just make a bit that does nothing and give it a name you can search for later. Like I said, not elegant but I can't think of another way in Visilogic. Best of luck to you.
  2. Thank you for the response. I added the Build Message and created a buffer. My problem now is with the COM Tx block. For the A parameter it does not specify what data type it is looking for. I have tried several different data types but I keep getting an error saying "This parameter cannot be linked to this data type". What is this parameter looking for?
  3. Hello, I am on a similar path with trying to figure out sending/receiving protocol messages. I see how you create the messages, but not how you trigger sending a message. The only options I see for COM: Protocol, Third-party are CRC, Build and Parse message and I can't find anything in the help explaining how to use these. Jared
  4. Hello, I am receiving a 15 byte long hex status message from a device over an RS-485 network and storing the message in an MI vector on a V570. The 5th and 6th bytes of the status message are the High and Low bytes of the value I want to display. the 5th byte stores in one MI and the 6th in the MI after (466 and 467). So if 5 is 04 and 6 is 8B I should get 1163 when converted to DEC. The values are coming in as 0004 and 008B, which if I convert gives me 262,283. My question is how do I combined only the MSB of the two registers to achieve the number I am looking for? I tried mapping register bytes, but apparently this only works when the bytes are in the same register. Thanks to anyone who can help me out with this. Sincerely, Jared
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