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  1. Itzik

    Trend To SD

    No, The F.B is : And S.B 116 is on it's default state =0.
  2. Hi. I'm using the "Strt trnd ->SD" to write trend data to SD card. I can see that the first time of writing and reading to/from the card is O.K and I can see the data on HMI. The file size on the sd is very small (5K) even the sample is every 1 min. and the process lasted for 3.5 hours. At the second time, after few hours (my process is very long) after about 5 hours, when i stop saving to the card, the "In Progress (OFF at Stop Trend): Start Trend->SD" remains in 1, and when i try to read from the card i get the "Trend load error bit". when i look in the SD with the SD manage
  3. Hello, Does Unilogic support data transfer to SQL server ? Thank's, Itzik.
  4. Hi All. I want to print to a network printer, using the Protocol IP FB, How can I know the port # the printer is using ?
  5. Yes. Some Send command will have diferent Collect and Struct structure then others.
  6. Sorry... What I mean is: what if I need to send diferent structure of collect and struct in some send commands ?
  7. But what if I nedd to send deferent data in somr srnd commands ? The structure must be the same in all Send commands....
  8. I tried. You can't send more then 1 send block - bacause there is only 1 message arrived block at the other plc, and all data should matc. Itzik
  9. Hello. I need to send large amount of MI's in Unican. What is the right way to do it, consider that the max. amount of byts/send command is 32 (16 MI's). Thank You Itzik
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