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  1. Hello, Does you device have a specification sheet that explains the protocol layout of the SSI protocol? We do not directly support this protocol, but we may be able to program it. If you can interpret this protocol, we may be able to program the UniStream to work with this encoder. We can move the RS485 buffer to a buffer tag dependent on three conditions - amount of bytes received, a time frame, or an end of text character. Please let us know and we would be happy to assist.
  2. Please either upload the program in oour forum, then attach it through the "My Media" button. Or upload it to a website, and provide a link for us to achieve the download. Or you may send this in to support@unitronics.com and we would be happy to review this issue. Please note, for any urgent matters, you may call or e-mail into our support team and someone will be happy to assist you.
  3. From the information provided, I cannot determine what the issue may be. Could you provide the code for review? Also, what is the value of MI30 when you trigger this function block? Also, please include the VisiLogic version number you are using, and the OS version of the V430.
  4. Is the ladder shown in a subroutine? Is that subroutine being called when you push the button?
  5. How is MB35 triggered? When you activate MB35, it does not bring up the Alarm Details screen? Is the alarm you are trying to show active?
  6. Could you just do an absolute move to your position? This will move to your exact destination and not by how many pulses you tell it. But you must set a "Home" location first to do this type of move.
  7. 589 downloads

    Example for remote Modbus communications over a GSM cellular modem.
  8. What version of VisiLogic are you using? Please try replacing the compare function block and see if you may choose a DW first. If you choose an MI first, you will not have the option to compare this to a DW.
  9. Hello, As of now, you must re-create the layout for the webpages to match the HMI screens. This is due to the type of programming; converting the HMI programming to HTML programming is a difficult transition. However, I believe this is on the list of items to do for R&D.
  10. What do you mean you cannot compare with a DW? Upon placing a compare block down, type DW where "MI" appears, then choose the DW address you wish. I am still a little unsure why using the "Software HSC" does not work for you. Why do you need to reference the actual HSC? Why does the device stop when it reaches 32,767 and need a power reset?
  11. Hello, The HSC is kept track of on the hwardware level. This is why you need to send a digital input signal to the PLC to reset the HSC. If you wish to reset it via the hardware, you must create an offset to create a "software" HSC count. Basically, you would set up the ladder as shown below, and use the "Software HSC" as the current count. Then compare this count with your target position. With the HSC functionality, you have the ability to run an interrupt routine upon the HSC count reaching the target position. I would run this ladder for the SW reset in teh interrupt r
  12. Hello, Run-time errors are generally caused from Windows restricting our software from running properly. Please right click on the program icon, and in the properties, enable the program to run as an administrator. This will allow the software to run without restrictions or complications. Hope this helps.
  13. Hello, I apologize, I misspoke previously. You must use those dedicated port numbers for downloading and going online with the unit otherwise UniLogic will not recognize the device. My apologizes.
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