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  1. It is a bit different. I am plug at home to my router which is plug to provider modem. Tomasz
  2. Send Email.vlp Hi, from some time I try to send e-mail from V570 via internet. No success so far. I try example from forum "Send Email.vlp" and always "not connected". I use unit V570 with Vision 9.3.0 build 0 Questions: 1) Is any one was able to make it work ? Is this future works at all ? 2) What exactly happen when press "connect" ? What PLC do ? Send any thing to Internet like ping ? telnet ? !!! I check my mail server IP, type, connect to server via telnet, obtain respond 220 , etc. From PC works. I would like to ask anyone (Unitronics ?) to help with this issue, please. I stil
  3. Hi, After Testing version (27), I found it was only partially corrected. If I use reset button alarm on first screen (groups with pending alarms) it still make "Illegal Word Operand Access" using reset button on "alarms in group" or "alarm details" works fine. I guess Unitronics will own me 20$ for debugging for them :-) I am looking forward for some updated version of firmware before release to client. (I suggest to do the same for others users of V570) best regards Tomasz
  4. Thanks for answer, It solve this problem and so far so good. I will be testing this version (27) more. best regards Tomasz
  5. Hi, I have problem with "Illegal Word Operand Access" situation. I have: PLC: V570-57-20B / Firmware: 003.001.19 Jul 15 2010 VisiLogic: 8.6.1 Any time I have reset alarms (using Unitronics build in function about alarms), system go to this illegal Word Operand Access and put PLC on stop mode. All this start when I update from firmware 15 to 19. I return to firmware version 15 and there is no problem. Is firmware version 19 unstable yet? Any suggestions? Best regards Tomasz
  6. Questions: The software (VisiLogic) has way to force display one language? What if both texts are the same length? Is space counts? Tomasz
  7. VisiLogic software version: 8.6.1 PLC: V570 series I use string library to create 2 languages (English and French). On the VisiLogic software, HMI, display screens I see most of the time second language description I enter. This is software bug or it is a reason for it? How to make it that on source code (HMI displays) I will see first language? Tomasz
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