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  1. Based upon how I read your situation, surge suppression alone won't solve your issue. Instead, look at the SolaHD MCR power conditioners and voltage regulators from Emerson. Surge protection will not smooth out the dips and swells created by inconsistent power quality. (Disclosure: I have no personal or financial interests in the product.) Additionally, each transient event will accumulate damage to the MOVs in surge suppression devices eventually causing them to fail. Power quality is more than just surge suppression. Additionally, verify that the local grounding is done correctly.
  2. Has anybody tried to do version control / software configuration management of their software using Autodesk Vault?
  3. Since none of what has been presented here is documented anywhere, including Visilogic, is there a document that can be made available for these ranges? It seems that MODBUS access security is going to become very important with the new cybersecurity laws being passed in California and elsewhere and it would be nice to find out if there are any undocumented features or other methods to implement cybersecurity in our PLCs. I noticed that the information presented by @AlexUT is not documented in Visilogic 9.8.80.
  4. What causes SB310 and SB311 to go high? Is there any way to override this?
  5. Something to remember: if you update Windows through Manual Update, per Microsoft, you have agreed to upload anything in any state whatever, including beta files. The user is not notified by Microsoft of this but they did admit to it earlier this year / end of last year. "Official" Microsoft updates are pushed to PCs. None of my personal computers have 1809 since it was not pushed. Microsoft admitted that it has lots of problems.
  6. I downloaded the Android version of Remote Operator on my first generation unlocked Pixel running the latest Android 9 and noticed that when I went to run it, a box stating that the app was written for an old version of Android and it may not work properly on my phone. Is there any plan to update the program to run on the newer versions of Android? I know dramatic changes have been made between Android 4 and Android 9.
  7. The V350 RS232 baud rate I am using under V9.8.65 is 57600 bps. I have had absolutely zero issues at that rate. Since changing to the Windows 10 PC, I have not been able to download files from Visilogic to the PLC at 115200 bps. I installed both V9.8.65 and V9.8.80 using "Run as Administrator". I have done everything the same for both versions.
  8. Ausman, I was using the same communications setup under V9.8.80 as V9.8.65, RS-232 at 57.6k from the serial port on the PC. I have been doing this for 10 years with V130 PLCs and this is the first time I have ever experienced this. The OS update was operated from the Communication & OS pop-up box, just as I always have. Still surprised by the beep, don't see it documented anywhere.
  9. I have been using V9.8.65 with a V350 for about 1 month now to convert from a V130 program. I have had no issues. I am currently using a Windows 10 PC. Today, I decided to download V9.8.80 and update the OS on the V350. During installation, I had multiple failures, including communication failures, during Step 1 and if Step 1 didn't fail, step 2 would fail. This left the V350 bricked. Also, it started beeping. I didn't even know the V350 could beep. I removed V9.8.80 from my PC and reinstalled V9.8.65. I was able to reinstall the older OS into the V350. The program on the PLC was corrupted and didn't function properly. All the data tables were corrupted. I was able to download the program onto the PLC from the PC, rebooted and the program functioned properly. I am providing this information as feedback to Unitronics since I was able to get my V350 to work again. The below information is the current state of the PLC under V9.8.65.
  10. When using the EX-A2X or EX-RC1 with a Visilogic PLC, it is required to put all 8 expansion modules in a row. This can require a very wide back plate and is not very feasible for projects with a small cabinet footprint. Is there any thought to creating extension cables that would allow the expansion modules to be placed in multiple rows on a back plate?
  11. Is there any intent to upgrade Visilogic based PLCs with the same capabilities?
  12. Are there any plans to upgrade OPC to OPC-UA? Much of industry is moving toward OPC-UA for IOT interconnections.
  13. Modbus RTU is not a TCP protocol. Modbus TCP/IP is designed for sending over an Ethernet network (Vision optional) while Modbus RTU is designed to be sent over a serial network such as RS-485 (Vision standard). It is common to confuse the data layer with the transport protocol. Modbus TCP/IP = data layer; Ethernet = transport protocol. Modbus RTU = data layer; RS-485 = transport protocol. Modbus TCP/IP can be simplified as Modbus RTU with additional information in the data packet for sending over an Ethernet network.
  14. In attempting to load a new .C13 file onto (8) V130-33-TR6 units through the microSD card, (2) of (8) units successfully loaded the file while the remaining (6) beeped and then failed to load the file. Any ideas on what could cause this and how to resolve this issue? This has not occurred before.
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