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  1. Hi, I also have problem with buffer. I am using US7-B10-B1 and UAC-CX-01RS2 serial card. I am connected to serial QR reader and whem I read the QR code I get 33 bytes of data. Data is like: h12f34568132gbfd1fgsd541g3s351gs<9>, 32 characters of string and 09hex- horizontal tab. I am using: Number of Bytes Waiting>30 then COM RX, and then Copy Buffer to Tag. It hapens that buffer is not completely empty after this action. In buffer can be 1, 2 or 3 bytes of data left. So when I read the QR next time I instead of h12f34568132gbfd1fgsd541g3s351gs -> gsh12f34568132gbfd1fgsd541g3s351 (string is shifted for whatever stays in buffer) What would be the problem and if there is really no option of flushing buffer?
  2. Hi, i got some problem with connecting M90 PLC to PC, with UniOPC Server and its client that i could get some data. If i am right, i have to enable this client to access PLC data. I was reading UniOPC Server help and find OPC Client: Item Syntax, where is example of enabeling the OPC client like this: PLCConveyor1.MB3, but i dont now where to insert this. Thanks for advise.
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