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  1. Sorry for my poor English 'google helps me. I think you'll understand me: Unitronic no solution for your problem. Unitronic does not support CANopen protocol CiA DS402 , CiA DS301 only. Read about the differences, there are plenty on the internet. Good luck
  2. I tried a new module V100-17-CAN in Samba SM43 R20 and T20, the same program. The same program (communication Can) works flawlessly on the V560. Is it possible that there is a bug in the samba. NMT Otherwise, it is not possible to achieve and thus TX PDO. But if CANopen ID (1) NMT Status = 1 (in power start set), after power reset, it is possible to receive Rx parameters from another device. Question: whether it is a hardware problem or a bug. In my software is no beginner's mistakes. thank Anton
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